Kakashis Family

The Hatake family went out for a picnic near the konoha river and while they were enjoying themselves,Kakashi and Anko(Yes,I ship them) fell asleep while the three little rugrats,Entai(White hair and oldest boy),Tamen(Brown hair and second oldest boy)and the only girl,Blossom(Brown hair and youngest) were doing some adventuring.They worst part was,Blossom heard Diedara and Tobi talkign while they were exploring and she got caught.Blossoms actions created a big mess and now Kakashi + others have to try to save Blossom and Entai......(Different perspectives)


1. A perfect day for a picnic! NOT


"HURRY DAD!HURRY!I WANT TO GO SWIMMING!"Tamen ran ahead of us."Calm down guys.No one's going to take the water"I chuckled as my wife Anko kissed me on the cheek.We reached the river and Tamen was already splashing around in the water with Entai.I felt the current of the river and it wasn't too strong so I left Tamen there.Entai's also there.I helped Anko set up everything then Blossom tugged my pant leg.I picked her up "Hey,what's wrong Blossom?Don't you want to have fun and swim in the river with your brothers?"She shook her head no and did a little frown.I tried tickling her and she kicked me in the face.I dropped her down and sat on the picnic bench.Anko got some ice and placed it in a bag.She slowly patted it on my face."Ah!Be careful there..."I said."Oh,i'm sorry senpai.I didn't mean to hurt you."She smiled.

It was getting late and Anko was tired,so was I.My eyes slowly closed until it was  completely turned dark.


I looked over to mama and Otosan(Dad) and they were both asleep.I ran over to Entai and Tamen who were eating watermelons and told them that Otosan and mom were asleep.Tamen stood up and looked over at Entai"Let's go exploring!Mom and dad never let us go exploring since we're small and they say it's dangerous.Plus,I think that a 7 year old is old enough!Entai,your 12,that's old enough too!But Blossom,since you're only 5,you HAVE to stay here."They started walking away.I pouted "NO!!I don't want to stay here alone!!" I ran toward them and Tamen pushed me away,I fell to the ground "No Blossom!You HAVE to stay!You're going to get hurt!And you're not alone.Mom and Otosan is here." I looked down at the floor and started to cry "I WANNA GO TOO!!Y-YOU NEVER INCLUDE ME IN ANYTHING!*Sniffle*I WANNA EXPLORE!!WAAAH!!!!" Entai picked me up and glared at Tamen "That's not right Tamen.Pushing a girl down is a horrible thing to do,especially when she's small and your sister." Tamen looked away "F-Fine.She could come....But you take care of her." Entai gently stroked my head like I was a brand new toy and that he didn't want to get a scratch on me.I hopped up on his back and he gave me a piggyback ride.We ran around the forest and we hopped from one tree branch to another.While we were doing that,I looked over to the side and I saw yellow hair near some bushes.I stopped and started hopping the direction to the yellow hair.I was above the people when I looked down and saw a man in a robe with yellow pulled up hair.I then saw another man with a orange mask with blackish bue-ish hair with the same robe.I heard little sentences of their conversation "SENPAI!SENPAI!Are we going to be the ones going after the spiky yellow hair?"A squeaky voice said loudly."Tobi.Shut up.And of course we're going to go after the Jinchuriki and his name is Naruto Uzumaki.Pick up on that.Don't call me senpai either."The man with pulled up hair crossed his arms."So what do I call you?Diedara-Senpai ??" The man with yellow hair named Diedara started hitting the boy in the orange mask in the head named Tobi.They started walking away and and all I could hear was "I rather prefer senpai!SENPAI!" Their conversation was interesting so I hopped onto another branch closer to them.I still couldn't hear them well enough so I leaned in.There was a snapping sound and it was my branch.I fell right on the 2 men.Diedara got up and picked me up with an annoyed look on his face."What the hell is this??" Tobi grabbed me and hugged me close "Oh senpai!Senpai!Can we keep her?She's so cute!!" Diedara walked closer to Tobi and punched him right in the face."ABSOLUTELY NOT!Let's take her to the akatsuki hideout and give her to Pein.He'll deal with her...." Diedara glared at me.



We kept hopping branch to branch until I couldn't hear any steps behind me.I turned around and Blossom wasn't there!"TAMEN!TAMEN!"I constantly yelled.He was so far up ahead,all I could see was a blurr.I screamed from the top of my lungs "TAMEN!" He finally stopped and turned around."What's wrong?"Tamen asked."Blossom's not here....I'm worried about her.She's lost in this big forest!I'm going to go find her!"I hopped back to the direction we came from."W-Wait up!"Tamen hopped.I looked left and right.Then I heard voices"LET ME GO!!!LET ME GO!I SAID LET ME GO!!TAMEN!ENTAI!HELP!"Blossoms voice screeched.I hopped to the direction of the scream.There,I finally found a boy with yellow pulled up hair in a robe,dangling my sister.I looked straight into his eyes and he looked straight into mine "Diedara." He smirked and said "Long time no see..How's Kakashi?" The boy in the orange masked started to jump around "Senpai,you know him?How?Senpai!" "Tobi,SHUT UP"Diedara screamed "I asked you a question,how's Kakashi?"He clenched his teeth."Fine,no thanks to you."I glared at him. "Oh,lighten up Entai.It's not like he's dead."Diedara smirked again.Tamen patted me on the shoulder.Tobi curiously asked "How do you know him senpai??" Deidara tossed Blossom to Tobi and said "Why don't you tell us how,Entai?" I slowly bgan to speak "When I was 3,he tried taking me from mom and dad.He succesfully did.But dad rushed to my rescue and seriously got hurt.He could have died." "You didn't tell them everything"Diedara said with a serious look on his face.I turned away from everyone's sight "I-It was my fault I got caught.There was a doggy door to let Pakkun and the others go in and out.I slipped out through that door even though dad constantly kept on telling me not to go near it.I went into the forest and got caught by the akatsuki.Dad risked his life for mine....I regret being born." Tears slowly ran down my cheek.I heard shuffling behind me and Tamen yelled "ENTAI!BEHIND YOU!" I turned around and saw Diedara running top speed at me with exploding clay in his hand.Am I going to......die?Everything went blank for a second and there was a huge explosion.I opened my eyes and saw dad.I looked to the side of me and mom was shielding Tamen and Tobi shielded Blossom.I froze there in shock and mom collapsed.Dad almost collapsed but he stayed standing.Diedara made a big clump of exploding clay in his hands "You...always messing with my plans.Well,this is your last time because today.....YOU DIE!"Diedara started to run at dad with top speed and top strength. "ENTAI!DO SOMETHING!"I heard Tamen yell at me.Tamen kept yelling the same thing at me over and over again.But I couldn't move.No,I didn't WANT to move.When the 2 collided,I felt a lot of strong wind and there was plenty of dust(Just saying we're on the ground)When the dust cleared,I saw Tamen and Dad standing back to back and in Tamens hand was chidori.How did he master that?Then I felt something cold on my neck."You think you've won?Come after Tobi and me,i'll blow off 2 of your kids heads off " Diedara grabbed me and ran off.


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