The Next Step (Sequel to Unexpecting This Love)

Chelsea and Justin are still in there famous love life. Justin is still on tour with the team crew. Chelsea is going good. She's getting use to all of the tour stuff and the crazy beliebers. Everything is going great. Until 2 people get in the way of there relationship and Drama starts to happen.


2. Long Ride.

Justin POV

"Come on! We gotta Go!" Scooter yelled, sticking his head throught the dressing room. While waking Chelsea and I up.

I woke up instantly, a little confused, that's how I always am when I wake up. I forgot that Chelsea was laying on top of me so I tried to get up quietly and see if I could carry her to the bus, but that didn't work out when her eyes fluttered open. "Mhm" she mummbled.

I smiled at her while she sat up "Time to go" I said to her while playing with her hair. "Okay, I'll get my stuff" she said. She got up and went towards the back room and grabbed her stuff while I was getting my stuff.

We both came out at the same time and went outside and to the tour bus. I walked on there to see everyone there. "Umm are we late for some sort of meeting" I said chuckling. ", you guys were just taking a pretty long time" Scooter said. "Oh..well sorry. I said while sitting down on the couch, putting Chelsea on my lap.

"Well what I wanted to tell you guys that we are going to be doing our next tour in Brazil. So it's going to be a long ride and we are going to have to stay in a hotel. Alright guys." Scooter said. Everyone nodded there heads and agreed. 

Scooter, Pattie and the rest left while Alfredo, Alaska, Kaitlyn, and Christian stayed since they were on this bus. We all had nothing to do so we just watched a movie. I layed on the couch, putting Chelsea on top of me. The movie started and it was really interesting, not sure if it was to Chelsea because she kept stirring around. She seemed uncomfortable.

"Everything okay" I said. "Yeah, I'm just a little tired, I'm going to go and lay daown." She said while getting up and walking back to where the bedroom was. I honestly didn't want her to leave, I just wanted her to stay but then a part of me was just worried and if something was wrong with her.

I decided to ditch the movie and just go and lay down with her. I told the rest of them that I was going to be in the back room. I walked in the room to see her laying down on the bed,she turned to look at me. She smiled lightly and turned back and layed down.

I went and layed down beside her, I wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her closer to me. "hey" I said softly. "hi" she said turning to face me. "What's wrong" I said a little worried. "Nothing" she said, trying to avoid the question. "Come on baby, I know somethings wrong" I said trying to get her to tell me.

"Nothing, my stomache just hurts and I have a huge headache." she said, with tears in her eyes. I picked her up and layed her on her back. "What are you doing" She said looking at me confused. I didn't even say anything I just layed down beside her. 

"Where does your stomache hurt." I asked her. I pointed to her middle part of her stomache. I looked and put my hand on that and rubbed her stomache. "Just relax you should fell better soon, baby." I said. Soon she fell asleep. I stared at her while she was sleep. She looked peaceful. I soonn started drifting to sleep.


So im sorry if this is short, i just wanted to make one so you won't have to wait a long time. And sorry if it is boring but I will update again tomorrow. Tell me if you like it or not in the comments. Also tell me what you want to happen next. Rememeber to fav and like this movella and also do the same for Unexpecting this love. But rememeber to comment on this one!!!!!!!

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Love you babes!

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