The Next Step (Sequel to Unexpecting This Love)

Chelsea and Justin are still in there famous love life. Justin is still on tour with the team crew. Chelsea is going good. She's getting use to all of the tour stuff and the crazy beliebers. Everything is going great. Until 2 people get in the way of there relationship and Drama starts to happen.


6. "Justin, It's okay, Im okay"

"I'll show what you're worth, That's what I'm gonna do, If you let me inside of your world, There's gonna be one less lonely girl. Only you shawty."

I watched as Justin finished the song off. He asked fo her name. "What's your name"

"Rebecca" she said, with a big smile plastered on her face and tears falling down her cheeks.

She girl up there looked so happy, I was actually crying for her, she looked so happy up there. Once the song was over, they took her backstage to go back to her seat. But before she could I stopped one of the backup dancers. Once she saw me her mouth instantly formed into an ''O'' shape. shocked as she could be.

I giggled at her reaction. "I'm so happy for you" I said, bringing her to a hug. "I love you" she said, tears streaming down her face. "I love you too" I said, giggling.

She left and I was still watching Justin's performance. He sang "Baby" next. I sanged along to the song while Pattie was singing also beside me.



"Justin! Justin!"

"Chelsea! How's the fame life going?!"


"Justin! Chelsea! Over here!"

As much as me and Justin tried to ignore them, the more they got closer. We didn'']t have time to answer questions or repond because that would lead to something else. Justin practically had me glued to his side the whole time, his arm was wrapped around my waist, pulling me close, which the only thing I did was hide my face in his shoulder from all the lights.

Once we were almost close enough to our hotel that we were staying in I started to think back when we were first attacked by the paps.

Pap: Chelsea, Is it true that Selena made out with Justin in the back of the studio.

I stopped and looked at them. What were they even talking about. She hasnt even really been around him. We all just met her.

Justin: Just keep going. Dont listen to them.

My thoughts was interrupted by someone pushing me, I don't know who though. I looked back and noticed that one of the paparazzis pushed me. Before I could react or do anything, Justin's arm ripped from my waist and was already charging towards him. "Justin!" I yelled trying to sop him. "Why did you freaking push her!!" He shouted. "Huh" He shouted once again. 

"Justin, It's okay, Im okay." I said, trying to grab him. But that didn't work. The only thing he did was snatch his arm away from me. "Stop!" Stop!" Kenny said. Grabbing Justin from attacking the paps. It looks like he practically picked him up.

I went inside trying to get through everyone (cameras and lights) The others were already in the lobby. I walked inside.Not wanting to do anything but go up to my room and just fall asleep.

I told everyone goodnigt and went up to my room. I walked inside after unlocking the door with the card key. I leaned back on the door, closing my eyes and letting out a deep breathe.

Once I opened my eyes, I saw Justin sitting on the bed looking at me. It wasn't just a normal look it was a non-emotion look but then a sad sorrow look in his eyes. 



Well was that an interesting chapter or what?! 

I hope you guys liked it or was entertained by it.

Comment any more ideas, i like when you guys comment, then i can be motivated by them to write more.

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Love You Babes!




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