The Next Step (Sequel to Unexpecting This Love)

Chelsea and Justin are still in there famous love life. Justin is still on tour with the team crew. Chelsea is going good. She's getting use to all of the tour stuff and the crazy beliebers. Everything is going great. Until 2 people get in the way of there relationship and Drama starts to happen.


8. "I was freaking out"

 Justin POV

 I was currently on twitter responding and following some of my beliebers. Everyone was in their tour bus, Since we were done in Brazil! We're back on the tour buses. Our next concerts are in France! (idk random place). 

 Chelsea was in Kaitlyn's room along with Alaska. Which I really don't like at this moment right now because I want her by my side at all times. Christian and Alfredo are in the lounge room with me, watching some kind of Horror film. 

 I was getting bored so I went to go see what Chelsea and the girls were doing. I walked up to the door and cracked the door a little, sticking my head through so they couldn't see me. They were watching some chick flick and laughing. 

I closed the door and headed out. I sat down on the couch that I was on before. The guys looked at me.

"What" I said, confused. "Nothing" They both said in unison. Before I could say anything else the Bus came to a stop. I'm guessing we're stopping for a while since we weren't anywhere near France yet. I looked over to where the guys were sitting still watching tv.

"Hey guys" I said, standing up. "yep" They said again both in unison. "Wanna go out and do something?" I asked. "Sure" Alfredo said, while turning off the tv. "I'm in" Christian said standing up as well.

We headed off the bus and walked down the street towards a Mc Donalds. There wasn't really anyone out or there so we won't have to worry about anyone seeing us. We walked inside and ordered. "Can I get a Big Mac  and fries Please" I said. "Will that be all" The woman at the cashier said. "Um and a large sprite" I added. I payed and waited. Christian and Alfredo ordered too. 

Once they came back with our orders we walked up to get them. I grabbed my bag and saw that there was a note on it. It read: "Autograph Me?" On it. I smiled to myself and looked up at the cashier. She gave me her pen and I signed it. I gave it back to her and she squealed to her self, not wanting to cause more attention to me. 

I went and sat down with my food. We ate and talked. Once we were done we went back to the cashier and order the girls something to take back to the bus for them. I ordered Chelsea a McChicken with fries and a Sprite. Alfredo and Christian ordered Kaitlyn and Alaska something and then we left.

Chelsea POV

Our movie ended and we were doing nothing at the moment until Ryan, faith, Chaz and Janet came on to our tour bus. We hanged out in the lounge room. Justin, Christian and Alfredo were out and we were wondering where they were but no one knew. So we just waited, talked, laughed. 

"So Wha-" Janet was cut off by Justin, Alfredo, and Christian came in. I noticed that they were holding a bag which looked like McDonalds. "There you guys are" Ryan said. "We've been waiting for hours" He added, jokingly. "Shut up" Justin said, chuckling. He went to sit down beside me. "Hey, I got you some food" He said, kissing my cheek. I smiled "Aw thank you" I said, giving him a peck on the lips. "You're welcome"


We were now back on the road and everyone was back on there own buses. I was laying on our bed while Justin was sleep. And there's no way I'll be able to go anywhere why he is sleep since his arms are tightly around my waist practically squeezing the air out of me.

I sighed and giggled to myself at his adorableness, reaching over and grabbing my phone i went on my twitter. Looking at all the tweets I got and people asking me to follow them. I tried to reply and follow most of them. Justin's beliebers are so nice and generous, I just love them.

I had some really nice tweets from them. Some were negative but the rest were Positive like;  @jelsea_lover: I love you so much! You're so beautiful 


@xoxchelsea_Justinoxo: Please please notice me! ily


@jelseaxoxo: You and Justin are perfect together and you are too! You're so beautiful too!

and this one....

@Justins_mine: Paws off! Justin's mine and always will be! Nobody likes you so just go kill yourself!

Right then I went off twitter and shut my phone off. I don't deal with hate that well but I try to focus on the positive comments. I was just about to try to sleep but I was interrupted by my phone ringing. I tried to turn it down quickly as possible so it wouldn't wake Justin.

I heard him mumbling but he stayed sleep. I unlocked my phone to see I got a message from an unknown number.

It read:  

Didn't think you would hear from me again. Did ya? Well I'm back and ready to find you. -Jacob ;)

My phone instantly fell from my hands and onto the bed. My heart was racing a hundred miles per hour and I had no Idea what to do. I was freaking out....


Sorry for such a long wait for this chapter! DON'T HAte ME PLLEASE! I hope this will make up for it since its pretty long if i say so myself :) 

But the thing is I don't get that much comments any more and I'm worried that I'm not doing a good job so if you want me to keep writing, GIVE ME SUGGESTIONS! okay? okay. 

Love you babes!


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