The Next Step (Sequel to Unexpecting This Love)

Chelsea and Justin are still in there famous love life. Justin is still on tour with the team crew. Chelsea is going good. She's getting use to all of the tour stuff and the crazy beliebers. Everything is going great. Until 2 people get in the way of there relationship and Drama starts to happen.


5. GIRL sleepovers are meant for ONLY GIRLS!


DON'T HATE ME! I'm super super sorry that I haven't updated anything....but I'm back now and I don't have any school, I'm on summer break!! So yeah. Here we go..


*2 weeks later*

Chelsea POV

I was currently in Alaska's Hotel room. Yeah, we're having one of those girly sleepovers. I'm honestly very excited about this, all the girls finally get the time to be alone from the boys..

Janet, Faith, Kaitlyn, me and Alaska were all sitting on the floor with our blankets, with a bowl of popcorn, oreos, gummy bears and chips in front of us. We were just about watch a movie when Faith had another idea in mind. "Let's play a game", she said while getting up, walking towards her bag.  "What kind of game" Alaska asked in concern while turning around looking at Faith.

We were all waiting for Faith to come back with whatever she was getting from her bag. Once she came back, she had a box of cards in her hand, probably with some kind of questions on them. "It's called 'Questions Of Your Boy" she said, smirking while she pulled out the cards and gave one to each of us.

"So how do we play" I said, holding up the card. "well everyone has the same questions, we each take a turn and answering our question" she said simply. "okay" I said ,understanding. The questions was 'Name one time you were embarrassed in a make out session with your boyfriend' 

Alaska was up first, she was blushing already, everyone started giggling. "oh shut up" she said, trying to hide it. "My  answer would have to be when Chaz walked in on me and Alfredo making out and he didn't get out, he just stood there grinning, it creeped me out a little" she said, laughing and everyone else joining in. 

It was Janets turn and everyone got quite. "My answer would have to be when I was in the middle making out with Chaz and I told him that I wanted to go further but he told me that we should wait and RYAN was watching us the whole time!" she said, laughing.

We all laughed and laughed until everything got quite and I was the only one laughing. i stopped and looked at everyone "Now it's your turn" kaitlyn sing-sanged, smirking. I playfully glared at her. "Okay, My answer would have to be--honestly I don't have an embarrassing moment" i said nochalantly. "You're kidding me right" Faith said, shocked. "nope, its true" I said.

"Well, maybe we have to change that..." Alaska said, smirking. "What do you have in mind, Alaska" I said, in complete concern. She didn't say anything after that, all she did was stuff a oreo in her mouth. Everyone else went there turn, whoever haven't gone yet.

"I'm surprised the guys haven't tried to call us or anything" Janet said. As soon as we were about to say something, all of our phones ranged. I answered my phone to know that it was Justin. 

*Phone Call*

"hey" I said. "hey, are you having fun at your girly sleepover" He said and I could tell he was smirking. "Yes, yes I am" I said, rolling my eyes playfully, even though he couldn't see me. "Oh well  you look hot in that crop top and those pajama shorts" He said in his sexily tone. Wait how did he know that. "How do you see me" I said confused. "Turn around" he said chuckling. I turned around to see him and the other guys standing at the door. The other girls were too turned around looking at there boys, while they hold their phones to there ear, smirking.

"Justin, You are not suppose to be here" I said in a sqeak. "None of suppose to be here" Kaitlyn said, folding her arms. "We thought you guys needed some company" Ryan said. Before any of us could say anything they all came in, rading our sleepover that was only suppose to be for us GIRLS.

"Ugh! We never can have any girl time" I said. " Yes you can, just plus Ryan, Chaz, Christian, Alfredo and me." He said, like it was no big deal. I rolled my eyes at him and walked away but before I could, Justin pulled me back. He didn't say anything but clash his lips on mine and somehow my hands found its way to his hair, clutching it while he pulls me deepening the kiss. I pull away while he smirks at me.

"Did that make you feel better" He said, grinning. I hit his chest playfully and walked away where the girls were. "So..what do you want to do" I said to them both while we were all lined up standing against the wall with our arms crossed, watching the boys while they play around.

"Wanna go in my room and watch a movie" Alaska suggested. "yeah" Everyone said in unison. We wet to her room and watched a movie. While we  were watching the movie, I was in my own thoughts, thinking about the guys, they just can't stay away from us. "Girls..." I said. "Yeah.." They all said. "You know the guys just can't stay away from us. They're just too...--"   "...Protective.." All the girls  added for me with a look on their face that had no expression, while turning to face me. "Yeah.." I said.


So...this is the chapter that I've been taking a long time to upload. Tell me how you like it and what you want to happen next. Because guys guess what? I can't upload any other chapters if you guys don't comment, im really thinking if I should keep writing or not. So comment.

Love You Babes!


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