The Next Step (Sequel to Unexpecting This Love)

Chelsea and Justin are still in there famous love life. Justin is still on tour with the team crew. Chelsea is going good. She's getting use to all of the tour stuff and the crazy beliebers. Everything is going great. Until 2 people get in the way of there relationship and Drama starts to happen.


4. "Finally, I can breathe"

 Justin POV

 I carried Chelsea in the lobby and up to our hotel room. It was  pretty big. She was still sleeping so I layed her on the bed and pulled the covers up. It was a little in the afternoon, about 5:00. I was still kinda worried about Chelsea since she hasn't woken up and she was still complaining about how her stomach and head hurts.

Everyone else went to there rooms and just relaxed there until our busy day tomorrow. I went and layed down beside her and cuddled her, pulling her closer to me, I nuzzled my head in her hair. Not noticing it, I saw that she was awake then.

"Hey, beautiful". I said, pulling a strand of hair out of her face. "Hi". She said, slightly smiling. "How are you feeling?" I asked in concern. "Fine...I guess." she said softly. I didn't say anything after that, I kissed her on the lips, softly and got up, giving her a light smile. 

I went and called my mom, to come over to our room. 

Chelsea POV

I woke up to two people whispering. I got up and went into the other room where I was hearing people talk. I looked in and saw that it was Pattie and Justin. I listened in on there conversation. "What am I suppose to do, I'm really worried". I heard Justin say. It looked like he was tired and was crying before, considering that he had tear stains on his cheeks. "Just calm down, she's fine". i heard Pattie say. "But she's still sleep and--". Justin said but was interrupted by Pattie. "She's going to be okay, honey. Alright?" Pattie said. "Alright" Justin said before letting out a big sigh.

Before they could say anything else, I walked into the room. Both of them looked up at me. I looked down at my feet, avoiding there eyes. "Hey, sweetie" Pattie said, making me look up. I smiled "Hi" I said. Then Justin comes "Hey, are you alright". Justin said, with worrieness on his face. "Yeah, I'm okay now". I said. "Well, I'm going to leave you to be." Pattie said. 

She walked out of the room. I went into the other room where the bed was. I layed down and turned on the tv. Justin came and layed down beside me. "I'm glad you're okay" He said, pecking my nose


Justin POV

"Alright come on Justin!" Scooter said, coming in our room. "Alright! Alright!" I said, already frustrated. Chelsea was already in the lobby, didn't even bother to wake me up. I walked down to the lobby where everyon else was. "Thanks for waking me up" I said, playfully. "Oh, well I tried more than once but you never woke up" She said. That kinda makes since because I never wake up that easily.


We were currently in the arena rehearsing for our concert. We were doing the Beauty and a beat dance choreogarphy. Then next we are going to do Boyfriend.

"Okay, everyone we're going to take a break". I said. I walked backstage with my towel and bottle of water. I walked in the dressing room, just to realx for a few minutes. I went and layed down on top of Chelsea, just to see how she was going to react. "Justin!! Get off of me! You're all sweaty!" She said, laughing. I started alughing with her "I'm too tired to do that". I said, smirking.

"Get, Off. Of. Me." She said again, trying to push me off of her with her little hands. I chuckled at how she was struggling. I got off of her and sat down next to her. "Finally". she let out a breath. "I can breathe" She continued. I smiled at her and kissed her cheek. She giggled lightly, I smiled at her, her giggle just makes me smile.

Just before I could say anything else, "Justin! Rehearse!" Scooter yelled in the room. 



Okay so this might be a little bad..........yeah it is bad, so so so sorry that I have been slacking and not updating, DONT BE MAD AT ME. Okay?

But anyways, I just wanted to update a chapter for y'all since you all have been waiting a long time. Comment for another chapter. Or tell me how you like it!

Love You Babes!


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