Childhood Stories

Stories from when I was little


5. The Return of the Orange Gorilla

One day I went to Florida and I was standing by a palm tree and an Orange Gorilla jumped out at me and pushed me and asked for sugar. I said oh no not you again I thought I got rid of you! They he pushed me again asking for more sugar and then I said I would not give him any sugar. Then he had an angry look on his face and pushed me so hard I fell down and rolled down the beach. *SPLASH* Great I fell in the water. Then we start wrestling in the water and I can only imagine what other people are thinking watching us. *The other peoples thoughts* What the heck why is there a girl and an orange gorilla out in the water fighting. And why is the Gorilla orange. She covers her kids eyes and runs away. By the end of that whole experience we are all soaked and full of sand.  

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