The urge


5. why not

Nash answered hi! Your hayes's girl right? Hah no just your neighbor. Oh right he winked. I laughed come on Shan hayes grabbed my arm. HAYES BENJAMIN GRIER! Yes mom? No kissing. Ma'm I don't like him like that don't worry. We got to the basement and hayes said you don't like me like me he questioned with a putty face. Maybe I lied I said and winked. Bad girl he yelled. Shhh. Hayes? we heard someone. Yes. Are you okay his mom asked. Yeah mom just having a spasm. Hayes honey don't have to much self confidence jokingly. So watcha wanna do? Idk I said. I layed down next to him with his arms around me. I could deal with this I said. He turned me around and kissed my nose. I smiled. After a while I fell asleep. He kissed my forehead and I woke up. You woke up he said and smiled. Yeah. He kissed my nose. It was 9 o'clock I have to go. Okay here give me your number and I'll give you mine. We exchanged numbers and I left. I got home to a text from hayes

Hayes: good night QT💋

Me: night loser😘

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