The urge


4. the walk

I went to walk the dog( meaghan and robs grey cocker spaniel Joey) and hayes was fighting with his girlfriend. You know what hayes it was one time we made out! Jordan shut up we're done. He looked up at me and guy said sup with the head. I smiled. He walked up to me and put is hand around my hips. What about your girlfriend I asked. I didn't like her anyway. I heard that she yelled. We got to the beach. Good job making her jealous! I wasn't he said winking at me. I got out of his hand. What's wrong? Why did you leave her? Cause I wanted to be with you. You just met me. I know but your nice and fun and beautiful. I smiled. We where at the beach for like a hour. When we left he invited me over. I said ok so I took my dog home and went over. His brother answers the door

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