The urge


2. the urge

Me: *picture* hate to say that I'm moving to Mooresville, NC for the rest of the summer and maybe next year

Dani: oh my god no shannan😓

Sam: I will never be ok with this I'm crying😖

Izzy: omg I'm so sad😩

ME: guys my sisters fiancé got a job there so she invited me for the summer she said on the way she had to tell me a suprise. Also she said you guys can come down whenever you want. Her and Rob rich now so we can fly you down.

Dani: omg my mom said I can

Sam: mine to

Izzy: mine three!

Me: I gotta go my sister is home and I wanna talk to her. See you

Guys tommorow😘

Hey meag! I yelled. Hey shan! So how big is my room. Actually rob just bought the paint he sent me pics of all the rooms and wants to know which one. I say the larges one with glass doors to a balcony. Ok just remember are neighbors are so nice and there is a 13 year old boy and his is right next to ours and you have a pretty view of the beach. Omg yay! Ya and we have a queen bed for you! Thanks, want any help for dinner? No I got it I would like you to put your stuff in my car though! Ok.

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