The urge


1. Left behind.

It was mid summer and my sister came home today. I was so happy. My sister moved to nags head NC 4 months ago. I sad how come your home? I have news! And that is? I'm moving to Mooresville NC! Oh my gosh how come? Rob got a car shop! That's great. I know you wanted to hangout with me so you can come live with us for the summer. Pack everything! Why? Because if you make friends you can go to school here next year you have a week to make new friends if not your going home. Oh my gosh ok. Now we're leaving tonight. I only have 1 million subscribers on YouTube but it seems cool. I have to make a video

Hey guys it it is Shannan and I'm moving to Mooresville NC. So next time I make a video I will probably be in a different room color! Love all of you beautifuls kisses shay

SHANNAN GET DOWN HERE! I'm coming I packed everything up and ran down stairs.

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