The Key To A New Life

Olivia just broke up whit her boyfriend Zeke on a night out. some one opens a door and it hits her in the head. She gets unconscious for a couple of hours and wakes op in a bed. who is its? how did she get her? Now she have to get over Zeke and start on a new life


5. Chapter 5

Olivia P.O.V 

I wake down stairs. I can hear Josh taking to somebody, who I don't know. I go into the the kitchen, Josh is also there. We look in to each other eyes, he remove he's eyes away quickie. Is he embarrassed  of what happened I ask myself. I lay my hand on his'. He looks at me again and gives me a crooked smile. "Lessen, it not that I don't want to kiss you, but I don't know you and I'm not ready to move on" I say. I really feel bad by redacting him before but I thing he gets it. He looks from me it no the living room. I tune around and see JENNIFER LAWRENCE...   

I just stud their. I can't say any thing. Josh has waked op next to me. My heard gallop like a wild horse. My hand grapes Josh's, we both look down at our holding hands. I let go again.  

"Hi. You must be the girl, I'm Jen" Jen reats her hand out. I take it and shake it.

"Yes I'm the girl I guess. Hi I'm Olivia, and I know who you are, I'm a really big fan" 

"nice to meet you Olivia and Josh told me you wher, so he wonted me to meet you" 

We set down and eat some of the pie from yesterday. Jennifer keeps telling stories about Josh and how funny he is.

I don't know what the clock is when Jen lives. 12.00 am. 1.00 am, i really don't know but the time runs when your having fun is what they say. I help Josh clean op after. He almost takes the plates out of my hand "You shut go to bed, it is lade" he looks at me like I'm a little child he has to take care of. 

"I'm not a little kid you know, I can take care of my self. If I wonted some one to tell me what to do I would't have run away from home or, or I cot just have stated at my ex'es house" their is tears of anger in my eyes "I'm not a charity case you know" I just leave like that before he can answer me. I storm op into the bathroom and lock the door.                       

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