The Key To A New Life

Olivia just broke up whit her boyfriend Zeke on a night out. some one opens a door and it hits her in the head. She gets unconscious for a couple of hours and wakes op in a bed. who is its? how did she get her? Now she have to get over Zeke and start on a new life


4. Chapter 4

Olivia P.O.V

I can't sleep. My mind is all over the place, I have had an amazing night whit Josh, he's really nice and fun. I serious consider going down to him, just so we can talk some more. He's waking around the house doing some thing I can't hear. I close my eyes and tune on to the side. The smell from his pillow is good, a smell of shampoo and a little of sweet, but in a good way.


The water from the shower is just tuned off and Josh comes out of the bathroom whit only a par of pants on. He is rubbing a towel in his hair as he wakes over towards me. I close my eyes before he gets here. He sits down on the bed next to me and run his fingers through my hair.

"Good morning" his eyes and mouth are smiling at me. 

"Morning. Did you just take a shower?" I ask, rubbing my eyes 

"jar, do you want to take one?"

I node. Is it bad that I want to kiss him, after what happened less then 48 hours ago, he is just so nice to me, not like other boys. I get the though out of my head as I get into the shower.  


Josh P.O.V  

Olivia is in the shower, so I decide to call Jennifer to have her come over since Olivia is a big fan of her. I find my phone and call her op.

"hay" it's Jen.

"hay, what are you doing right now" I ask

"nothing, why" 

"do you want to come over and hing out" 

"sure, whats up" she sounds kinder suspicious 

"I just have a girl over who is a big fan of you"

"a girl?" I know exactly what she meant whit that

"on not like that, she is a friend" 

"fine, when"

"now" I can't wait to see Olivias face.

"okay. Bey"

"see you soon" I lay my phone back into my pocket as I go op stairs to put a shirt on. The door to the bathroom is a little open and Olivia is standing whit her naked back out torch me. She only have her dress to wear. I go in to the closet and fiends a shirt for myself and a smaller one for her as weal as a par of my ex. girlfriends leggings- she hat forgotten here. I knock on the door, she tunes around (whit a bra on) so we'er face to face. I hands her the shirt  and leggings. She raise her eye brow, when she sees the leggings. "My ex forgot them here" I try explain. "I didn't ask" she smiles at me. I look into her beautiful blue eyes. I lien in torch to kiss her. My face stops just few inches away from hers. She doesn't want to kiss me, she tuned her head away from me. I back away from her. "I'm sorry Josh. It not that I don't like you, I mean Your you. It is to..." I cut her of before she can finish "Too soon" I say. She nods. "You know you can't wake around in my close all the time" 

She comes out whit a little leaf "I know, I just don't want to see him" she smiles a little insecure and look down. "I can come whit you, if you want to" I say. She looks op from the ground, smiles and whispers "thank you" 

I go out of the room so Olivia can chains in privet. There a banking at the front door and a hundred flashes of lights from the street. I open the door, and Jen comes in "hay"

"hay Jen. Olivia are you don op there"

"yes" she is waking down the stairs as I get Jen to go in to the living room, so she can hide.                                       


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