The Key To A New Life

Olivia just broke up whit her boyfriend Zeke on a night out. some one opens a door and it hits her in the head. She gets unconscious for a couple of hours and wakes op in a bed. who is its? how did she get her? Now she have to get over Zeke and start on a new life


3. Chapter 3

Josh P.O.V

Did i just ask her that. Serious Josh, how stupid can you be, to ask a strange to live in your house. I ask my self. 

"Are you sure, you want me to?" she ask me, I can still see the tears in her eyes.

"I just asked you, didn't I" she smiles at me to answer my question and says "thank you, it really means a lot. Did you hear what was said on the phone" 

"no problem and jar, I know I just met you but I don't think you shut be whit him if he hits you" 

"jar, I know he is a jerk. That is way I broke up whit him" 

"are you don whit that " I point at the half eaten pie. She nods, wiped her tears away and takes the plait and wakes over to the kitchen.  

The day passes by a little to fast but we don't talk. I can't help looking at her when ever she wakes by me. God she is beautiful. Her strawberry blond hair is in a high messy bun and she has borrow one of my shirts so she didn't have to where her dress all day.

She smiles at me as she sits down next to me on the couch whit too cops of coffee. She hands me the, still smiling.

"What happened before I hit you in the head... or I hit the door in your head" I look at her and smile. There is a lot of smiling between us when their is a awakened moment.

She looks down at her cop and then say "Zeke- my boyfriend tried to take my underwear off of me in the middle of the clup and I've told him i was't ready for sex and that he just hat to deal whit it, until i was. Os i got mad at him, broke up whit him and waked away" she looks up at me again whit tears in the eyes "sorry, that must have been weird for you to hear" she shakes her head and wipe her eyes whit her free hand. I lay one hand on the knee "no not really. I like that you are so open, even though we just met" I really didn't care, it mead me feel like she trusted me. I also really wonted to kiss her, but it wound't be right after what she just told me. 

"Okay so I don't know any thing about you, I mean if you are going to stay her, I would like to know something about you"

"Okay, what would you like to know. Or I have an idea we cot put some of your every day life in to a game" I look at her a little skeptical as she continue "like if you hate to interview me and the at some point we switch" 

"sounds fun. So what is your favorite color?" I start to start of easy.

"I don't have one, I like all of them, I guess"

"what is your favorite book, movie and TV-series?"

Divergent or The Hunger games. Silver Lining Playbook. Pretty Little Liars and Awkward"  

"who is your favorite actor and actress?"

"I don't know who my favorite actor is, I mean there is a lot of great actors like Theo James, Adam Sandler, ohhe and you. But actress' is Jennifer Lawrence and Shailene Woodley" 

"okay, but are you like a big fan of me. It cool if you are, I mean like you haven't really fangirled as a lot of other girls would have"

she smile at me and say "no not really. Sorry" 

"thank God, the fangirls can get a little crazy some times" just so it would't be to awkward for us.

"jar, I have heart that" she gets a big smile on her face.

"So what do you won to do in you further" she is really cool and down to earth.

"I would like to be an actress"

"oh really that is so cool, how come"

"I don't know, I just really like movies. hole shit is that the time, it over one am. I shut go the bed, my head is standing to heart again"

"you can just sleep in my bed and I'll take the couch for now" 

I help her to bed and give her some painkilling for her head. Just before I go out the door, I tune around to say good night to her and tune the lights of.

"Thank you, for being so nice to me and letting me stay hear" 

"On problem, it is the list i can do after the accented. I just went through a break up and it really helps to have a friend. If you need me, you know where to find me" I wake out the door and down stairs to the couch to sleep.                 


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