The Key To A New Life

Olivia just broke up whit her boyfriend Zeke on a night out. some one opens a door and it hits her in the head. She gets unconscious for a couple of hours and wakes op in a bed. who is its? how did she get her? Now she have to get over Zeke and start on a new life


2. chapter 2

Olivia P.O.V

I wake op by a good smell and a sound from the kitchen. I lie in someone's bed. I pray to God that it is not Zeke, I do not see him, he's just a sick pervert pigs which have only one thing on his mind. I throw blanket aside and jump down from the bed. I'm not wearing my black stiletto. I looking round myself and look at the room I'm standing in, it is large and bright with a view of the garden, it is great with many trees. I walk out the door. I find the way out to the kitchen. There is nobody out here, I look round. Where am I? I can hear the toilet flush, water running and then the door opened. "Good morning, nice to see you awake " I turn round. I know I've seen him before. Journey to the center of the Earth. And one whir he has blond hair, the hunger games, I think it was called. "Are you okay, you went out like a light after the door hid you. What is your name ?"

"Find, my head just hurt. Olivia"

"Josh " he says, and give me his hand, I take it "are you hungry, I just baked a French apple pie"
I nod and he points at a chair and gives a sign for me to sit down.

He sit down across of me whit the apple pie. He hands me a pice. "Thanks"

"No problem. Shot I take you to the docker or home"

I look down and start to poke to my pice of pie. "Huh..." I start but I can't get the words out. Bibbib Bibbib. My phone is ringing. It Zeke. "Hay. What do you want" I say like I don't care. "Hay sorry about last night babe. Ware are you, your not home" Zeke is still drunk or hang over.

"Don't call me babe, we broke up remember. I'm at Jos..." I didn't won't him to think I slept whit somebody just because I was mad at him "I'm at a friends house"

"When are you coming home"

"I don't know"

"Listen bitch if you don't come home now I will find you and slap you"

"Don't call me a bitch" I start to get tears in my eyes. He's drunk, when he gets made he some times hit me. I'm afraid that he will find me, that gay scared the shit out of me when he gets made. I'm standing a little away from Josh. I tune around to look at him. He looks worried. I tune away "I don't won't you close to me" I hing op and sit back down. "Sorry"

"It fine. How was that?"

"My boyfriend…or my ex boyfriend, we broke up last night"

"I'm sorry. Do you won't to go home"

"I can't"


"I haven't take to my parents for about eight months and I lived whit Zeke, but jar we just broke op. So I'm on the street now" I look down I don't want him to see me almost crying.

"Ohh…if you wan to you can stay her for a little whiled" Josh looks at me. I still don't won to look him in to his eyes.

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