The Key To A New Life

Olivia just broke up whit her boyfriend Zeke on a night out. some one opens a door and it hits her in the head. She gets unconscious for a couple of hours and wakes op in a bed. who is its? how did she get her? Now she have to get over Zeke and start on a new life


1. Chapter 1

Olivia P.O.V 

The bass is turned all the up on high , the lights running around on the wall, people jump and dance and singing to a song . Zeke comes up to me two drinks in their hands, I do not know what he ordered for me. He sits next to me in the little corner of the clup. He bought the polar bear for me a beer for himself. He kisses me on the mouth , we bin together for almost two years. "Thanks" I smile at him and the lift up the glass in front of me "cheers" I'm a couple of shots and drinks in so I'm a little bit drunk. After we have have drink our drinks, hr stars to kiss me again. The kiss progressing to the neck. My hand finds its way into his blond hair. Suddenly, he running his hand under my dress and his finger finds my panties. I stop the kiss at once, and pulls his hand away from me.

"Come on babe. How long do I have to wait? We have bin together for so long" he looks at me with her green eyes and kiss me again. I push him away from me again
"When I'm ready, just like the past year, is it really that hard to understand " I get up and go. The last year the only thing he has thought about is to get me into bed. I say again and again that I am not ready and i wound tell him when the time came, but just not now. I'm rushing out of doors, out into the cold night air. There's a someone by the nearest lamppost and he is puking. The door opens and Zeke is right behind me. "Look, if you don't have sex with me soon we don. I can find one that is just as hot as you and just as smart. Look again at me, all the girls want me" oh my funking God, can you get more selfishness?
"that's maybe right. But I don't. And don't come running back to me when there is no more girls who want to have you, because I can understand them," I turn around and wake away.
I wake a couple of meter but now I get what just happened. We broke up. Tears begins to run down my cheeks. I can hear someone walking inside the building next to me when one door opening. BANG. The door hit me right in the head. I fall just as long as I'm, down on the cold and wet concrete.
"I 're okay. i'm really, really sorry " I heard the voice before but I can not remember where. A familiar figure is over me. He has brown hair, brown eyes and pink lips.
My eyes shut and it gets completely dark.

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