You know my name not my story

Okay guys so I've had my ups and downs in life so I thought I would put some of that in book form I can't write a story for my life so I'm gonna try hope you like it no hates please :)


3. the kiss...

He caught up with me and grabbed my arm. He pulled me into a closet like the movies. He asked me why I was so down and I said cause no one likes me he lifted up me head and said that he liked me which I knew he was only saying that. He pulled me closer and kissed me. I was in shock. But I still let him do it. Cause he was kinda cute. His gf knew were we were and she opened the doors and saw us she dragged me out and started to punch and kick me I ran out the a school door and slide down the wall onto the ground with a bleeding nose and a black eye.

Hey guys I'm so sorry it's so sort hah more tomorrow tho xx

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