You know my name not my story

Okay guys so I've had my ups and downs in life so I thought I would put some of that in book form I can't write a story for my life so I'm gonna try hope you like it no hates please :)


2. the beginning...

Okay so as I was saying it all started when my mom got a job over here I really didn't want to leave all my friends but I thought that it might be a fresh start since dad has left us. So a few days later it was time to leave I really didn't want to leave my friends but I would come back and visit sometime and we had Facebook and all to keep in contact. So we got to the airport and checked in. We got something to eat went through security and got on the plane.

When we got to our house our two jaws dropped the house was huge just for the two of us we looked at each other and ran inside there was loads of bed rooms and three bathrooms a big kitchen which means a big fridge. We unpacked and relaxed. I was curious to see what was in the house as every now and then I get a cold shiver running down my back. Everything was going so great until I got told what school I was going to. I just fell to the ground. On the Monday I went in and kids just looked at me as if I had four heads.

I didn't know what to do I was to busy looking down that I bumped into a guy called Luke. He helped me with my books and asked if I was okay. He asked was I lost and I replied yes so he helped me find where I was going. I liked the school until his girlfriend turned up and got all bitchy at me for nothing. I just looked down and ran away she screamed down the hall you watch your back bitch. Luke looked at her and she smiled and he ran after me.

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