You know my name not my story

Okay guys so I've had my ups and downs in life so I thought I would put some of that in book form I can't write a story for my life so I'm gonna try hope you like it no hates please :)


1. Me...

Hey my names Annie. I've lived in America for a while now but I don't like it at all. My moms always saying it's a fresh start and that I have good friends even though I don't have any friends. Not in school or not around where I live. So I'm basically sitting in all day bored. I've tried talking my mom into moving back to England but she won't just because she gets paid good money and has a really good job. I know I should be happy for her but I'm not. She only eve thinks about herself and it's not fare.

Okay so I've been going to his mixed school for a while now but I'm always getting bullied it's just not fare the kids think in different even though I'm just like them. Just cause my hairs a different style/colour and cause I always wear black and have piercings doesn't mean I'm different. I know a lot of kids my age go through stuff like this so I don't know wether to give up or fight. I could tell you how it all started if you wanted me to but you're probably like the other kids. I'll tell you any way...

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