The metal box

A short story: I'm going to do it, open the box. But it has to be now, whatever happens, I can't turn back now.


1. the metal box

I opened the box. The huge metal box that had been sitting in out cellar for years. It was odd, no one ever seemed to acknowledge it. And whenever I looked away, my mind wandered and the box flouted out of my attention. But not this time. I wasn't going to let myself forget this time. My fingertips traced the hinges, the handle, the cold hard metal of The Box. I pulled it...

The room was plunged into darkness as if all the light had been sucked into The Box. I stood still, unable to make myself move. I couldn't see and the room around me had disappeared.

I ran thorough the possibilities in my head, was I unconscious? Was I still asleep and dreaming? What was going on?

I closed my eyes, the outcome was nothing but more darkness but at least then I could pretend the darkness didn't reach past my eyelids. I felt a shiver go up my spine and something brushed against my shoulder.

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