Just a Kiss


1. Him

Lauren look there he is!!!

Lauren looked up from her biology book to see the hottest guy in school leaning against the hang tree. We wee at the park "studying". Technically waiting for him to come by to watch his sister.

Hi my name is Izzy. Short for Isabella, but I think that's to long. Lauren and I have been best friends since diapers and have been inseparable since. This him I'm talking about is Maks Thompson..the hottest most popular guy on campus. He is like 6'5" and has the bluest most gorgeous eyes you have ever seen. With my height of 5'6 he probably will never notice me.

Maks has been my crush since 3rd grade when he kissed my on the cheek. I personally don't think he remembers but Lauren said she is sure he does.

All of the sudden he looks up from his phone and catches my eye. I can feel my face start to burn up from getting caught but I can't look away. Those eyes are so mesmerizing. He smirks and starts walking towards us! Lauren gasps and almost passes out.

Maks walks up right in front of me and looks down. "It's Isabella right?"

I can't breathe much less talk. He smiles and all I can do is nod my head.

"Good I am going to drive you home since our siblings made friends." Says Maks

My little sister Jessica runs up and jumps on me. It has little affect tho because she is only 3. Her eyes are like mine big and brown but she has blonde hair and I have a dark brunette color. She is giggling uncontrollably and saints she has a new friend Sarah. I look up and see Sarah in Maks' arms. I look for Lauren to say I am leaving but she has already left so I except.

I follow Maks to his truck and hop in. But before I can buckle my self in he leans over and does it. The ride to my house was kind of awkward but when Jessica and Sarah start giggling and chattering in their toddler way it is a comfortable silence between us.

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