Amnesia (Luke Hemmings)

What happens when Natalie Sinclair gets to take a trip to Australia with her good friend Clara Pearce? She gets to spend the whole summer in the same town as her favorite band 5 Seconds of Summer. But little did she know she would be spending the whole summer WITH her favorite band. She gets to see their side of everything. The fans, the shows, the silly band practices and the days off.

(It all takes place now, like during their fame. Same ages, hair colors -in Michael's case- and even drama in their lives. Hope you likeeee)


1. 1. Brother Dearest

I sighed as my large suitcase bumped against every possible seat, making a few grumpy passengers give me a glare. At least most of them weren't asleep. I absolutely hated planes, but I was going to Australia if it killed me. I followed Clara down the aisle, who was being led by a young red headed flight attendant who was wearing entirely too much make up. Clara and I struggled a bit to get our bags into the compartment things above our seats and climbed in, careful to avoid the sleeping man closest to the end. It was four seats in this row against the windows, Clara and I closer to the windows, away from the sleeping creepy guy. Clara put a bag between her and the guy and gestured for me to sit by the window. She claimed she got air sick easily and insisted I have the window seat since I had never been on an airplane before.

I was uber excited to be going to Australia! Kangeroos and stuff! I wonder if we were gonna see the Outback or whatever... It was amazing that I got the opprotunity to come with Clara, she was amazing for even inviting me. It had taken so long to actually convince my mother, but she finally cracked when Clara's mom had called her to talk about how we would be safe and under her watch. I was seriously expecting a no and was totally surprised when she told me I could go. She insisted on seeing us off, which was totally understandable and Clara traveled a lot, so her dad didn't mind. I was still a tad bit nervous, I rarely went out of our state little alone out of the country!

"How come you never told me you were from Australia?" I asked, turning a bit, leaning against the window as I pulled out my phone.

"Never came up," she shrugged, scrolling through her own phone.

"You don't have an accent." I pointed out as I tucked my phone back in my pocket.

She gave me an exasperated look. "I explained that already, Natalie. I was raised by my Dad in America."

"How old were you when your parents split?"

"I was two," Clara said.

"And your brother? How old was he?"

"Three years old. I only get to see him when I go visit in the summers and-uh, yeah. The summers."

I tilted my head, catching her small slip. "And?"

"Nothing, nothing." She gave me a smile before going back into her phone. I gave her a glare and pulled my own phone out. I had to turn on airplane mode soon, the flight would take off in ten. Just as I was about to turn it off, a tweet popped up in my notifications.

"@Luke5SOS: long day tomorrow, time for bed. G'night"

I gave it a retweet before I turned my phone onto airplane mode.

"Might as well get some rest. 14 hour flight." Clara smiled as she pulled out her blanket and a pillow. She leaned her seat back and pulled out headphones, tucking them in and turning on her music as she closed her pale eyelids, making her bright green eyes disappear. I sighed and did the same, turning onto my side as the seat leaned back, letting my eyelids close and sleep take over as a song lulled me to sleep.





The whole plane was loud and crowded, all the people trying to get up and get their things at once. You would think people would act more civilized. I gave a yell as someone bumped into me and my bag came tumbling from its compartment. I gave a gasp and jumped back as not to be hit. I shoved right into the flight attendant, who had been carrying a tray of water. And, of course, the tray dumped right onto an elder man sitting in his seat. He jumped up in shock at the cold water.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" I said quickly, rushing to grab napkins from the front before I ran back to him and held them out.

He shook his head, holding up a hand. "It's fine, don't worry about it. I hated this jacket anyway." The man snickered. "My sister bought it for me, but I never liked the blasted thing."

"Are you sure? I can totally pay for it or something." I said digging through my purse for my wallet. That was a lie, I so totally couldn't give him money, his jacket was probably expensive.

"Really, it's fine." He smiled as he stripped off the jacket and turned to his own compartment. He shoved his jacket in his bag before giving me a nod and heading off toward the exit and the rest of the crowd.

I turned back to my own stuff and grabbed it from the floor. Luckily, none of the contents had spilled out. Knowing me, that would have been just my luck. Like how it was my luck that I made the poor man get a shower during his plane ride. It was weird that he was so chill about it. Maybe it was an Australian thing. Anyone from America would have bitten my head off.

Clara was waiting for me with her bags at her own feet. She had taken three large suit cases, where I had managed to put all my stuff into one giant one. I mean, her third bag was a bag of our shared things. It was literally all makeup and hair supplies; shampoos, conditioners, hair curlers, hair straighteners, hair dryers. It baffled me how much makeup this girl actually owned and she hardly wore any of it. Just mascara and eyeliner. But she brought every single ounce of makeup she owned. There must be cute boys in Australia if she's doing something so silly.

Clara pushed her purple-ish brown hair back over her shoulder and slung one of her bags over shoulder. She gave me a smile before grabbing both her rolly bags and made her way toward the crowd. I threw my duffle bag over my shoulder and grabbed my rolly suit case as I followed after her. I was grateful that she was taking the bag we shared. She had done this trip many times and knew how to make her way through a crowd without rolling over the toe of every single person, unlike me, who was earning a few ows! as we walked along. I mumbled a few sorrys as they glared at me, keeping my head low.

"You're going to love my brother." Clara announced as the crowd began to die down, people filing out of the plane and into the... what was it called.... a terminal? I really had no idea. The tunnel thingy that lead to the lobby thingy. Yeah, that.

"You think so?"

"I know so," she said as she neared the door. I could see her smile grow and she was practically bouncing her spot. She was so excited. Suddenly, she turned to me, her face growing serious. "Listen, my brother- uh.. don't freak out, okay?"

"Why would I freak out?" I asked around a laugh.

"He's not-he's-crap, you'll see. C'mon. Just act normal, please. He might hate me for bringing you along if you freak out." She said looking down sadly. "I hardly get to see him, so, I don't want to sound like a bitch, but please don't ruin this for me."

I stared at her in shock for a minute. She must really care about this brother of hers if she was acting this way. I just nodded and smiled as I followed her out of the plane doors. She rushed across the floor, pushing through people. Some protested, but others ignored her behavior. I had to jog to keep up. For a girl with such short legs, she moved fast when she wanted something. Finally, she reached the end of the hall and looked around the big room. I stopped beside her and followed her gaze.

"Is he not here?" I wondered.

"He has to be," she said, her tone sad. She almost sounded like she might cry.

"He better be, I'm so tired. I'm going to have major jet lag this entire damn trip." I sighed.

I heard Clara squeak and followed her gaze once more. I found a pretty blonde boy holding a sign with mine and Clara's name on it. The sign was written obviously last minute with a sharpie that was shoved into the pocket of his tight black jeans. He was wearing a light blue plaid shirt with a black v-neck underneath. He had a black beanie placed neatly on his head, some blonde hair pointing out from under the hat. Clara dropped her bags and took off running. The boy at the same time threw the paper sign and let it flutter to the ground, a smile growing wide on his face.

"Luke!" Clara yelled as she tackled the boy up in a hug, sending them tumbling to the ground.

"Ah!" He shouted as they went down. "Hi, I missed you!" He laughed as he sat up, still wrapping his sister up in a big hug.

Finally, after a moment of laughter, the two stood up. They talked for a long time and I watched in shock from where I stood. That boy, the kid Clara claimed to be her brother, was Luke Hemmings. The Luke Hemmings. From 5 Seconds of Summer. The one I had just retweeted nearly 14 hours ago. Holy. Shit. I scrambled with my bags and Clara's, trying to pick her stuff up out of the way and make my way to them. I cursed when I dropped all of the bags.

"Oh, here, lemme help ya." A thick Australian accent said in my ear and I jumped. I turned to look at Luke. He smiled apologetically. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."

"I-um, oh.. it's fine." I smiled and silently made my way to Clara, who seemed to be dialing up a number. "Why didn't you tell me Luke Hemmings was your brother?! This has to be some kind of joke! Where are the cameras?!"

"It isn't a joke, Nat. You just never asked." Clara shrugged as she turned away to use her phone. I just stared after her in shock. She came back after a few moments, smiling next to me. I peeked over and jumped. Luke was next to me once again, I hadn't even heard him walk over.

"Sorry," he smiled. "I didn't realize I was that scary." He joked. Oh god, he is literally so perfect. No wonder she said not to freak.

"Clara." I said, clearing my throat.


"Why didn't you tell me?" I asked her again. I saw Luke look away quickly. He knew what I meant.

"Like I said, you never asked. It didn't seem important." Clara just shrugged again.

"Don't act like its not a big deal, Clar. You knew I liked 5SOS. Did you not trust me?" I asked, feeling slightly hurt at the thought. She was my bestfriend. Why did she have to hide it from me?

"Of course I trust you, Natalie! I just hate telling people. How do you think I feel when people start treating me different after they know? I wanted one true friend. One I could rely on. Someone who wouldn't just be friends with me to get to my brother. Same reason I don't tell people I'm good friends with Ariana Grande!" Clara suddenly burst out, making Luke and I jump. We shared a small glance.

"Wait, you know Ariana Grande?" I asked, my eyes widening. I loved her, oh my goshhh.

"Ha, no. That time I was fucking with you." She snickered. "But do you see what I mean?"

I nodded slowly and sighed. "Yeah, I do. I'm sorry. I guess I should have thought it through before snapping at you." I turned to look and smiled, trying to come off cool, even though my insides were filled with excited butterflies. "I love your band by the way."

"Thanks," he smiled nervously. He was soo cute.

I glanced back to Clara, trying to find some similarities. Same skin color. Same nose and lip shape. Ears. Everything else was different though. He was tall as hell and she was terribly short, something she always complained about. She probably complained to her brother about his height all the time. The thought made me smile.

"So, your name isn't Clara Pearce?" I asked in confusion.

"My dad had it changed. But in heart I will always be a Hemmings." She giggled and walked over to hug her brother again.

"Clara Hemmings." I said, trying the name out on my lips. I did fit. They both smiled over at me and I smiled back. This was so new and weird. I wasn't really sure how to act.

Clara gasped suddenly, making me jump. "A LIP PIERCING?! LUCAS ROBERT! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!"

"That I was bored on tour and thought it would be cool. And guess what, mum, it's pretty freaking cool." Luke smirked at his sisters reaction. She smacked his arm and he rubbed at his arm, pretending to be hurt. "Meanie."

"Shut up, loser. Where's ol' rusty? We're tired." Clara snickered, poking his shoulder.

"I pulled him up front so we could just jet. I figured we could grab some food on the way home. How does McDonalds sound?" Luke asked as he grabbed my bag and one of Clara's.

"I love McDonalds!" I said in excitement. He looked over his shoulder at me with a smile. I glanced down to my feet and smiled as well, feeling blush rise to my cheeks.

We both followed him to the revolving doors. I was kind of afraid of them. I always thought I would get stuck in one. And then there was that one time that Justin Bieber smashed his face into the glass and yea I have never laughed harder. I almost laughed now, thinking about it. I hid the smile on my face and followed them out to an old car, which indeed was rusty like Clara's nickname implied, that was pulled right up front. Luke popped the trunk and started loading bags in the back.

I smiled and handed him mine, "Nice car."

"Thanks. Its my first. Mum keeps offering to get me a new one but... I just can't part with her." He said giving the car a loving pat. I smiled as I walked to go sit in the back seat.

Luke started up his brown colored car that had rust all over its boxy frame, making it roar. A few passerbys glanced at us before moving on. I smiled to myself and enjoyed the ride to food heaven, taking out my phone to send out a tweet.

"@NatalieSinclair: Southern style chicken sandwhich here I comeee!"

My phone beeped with a notification, saying that I had a retweet. I smiled at Clara who was looking at me in the rearview mirrow.

"@ClaryPearce: I prefer the bacon chicken blt thing"

"@NatalieSinclair: you're in the car with me, why are you tweeting me?"

"@ClaryPearce: idek xD"

We both burst out laughing and locked our phones. Luke glanced at us and smiled a bit in confusion. "Did I miss something?"

"No, no. Just take us to the food, please." Clara said around laughter.

"Whatever," Luke chuckled as he turned his attention back to the road. Clara reached up to the radio and turned on a good station. She and I both swayed about in our seats, singing along to the overplayed tunes, like Lorde's Royals. Even Luke sang along in a weird voice, making the car errupt in laughter. When Blurred Lines came on, Luke cranked the stereo and fist pumped out the window, yelling out a, "Hey, hey, hey, hey!" This was going to be fun, I could tell.

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