niall and the potatoes (COMPLETED)

One day niall auditioned for the x factor uk as a solo performer. when niall relized he was out of the competion, he was worried for nothing. Because simon sent him and the others back stage to form a band. first they had to think of a name. niall suggested:niall an the potatoes for the band but it seemed to selfish. and days of arguing they decided to name the band: One direction.


3. Performing in front if the potato fans

Potatoes are scary to peform in front of. I felt my potato mouth calling for help. my potato skin was peeling as if it wanted make french fries out of me.  I was so scared i thought i would die of fright. But i knew that my new family of potatoes could help me get this fear rid of. We are not scared! So we sang "only girl in the world". I can't believe it! we were so good! i hope this never passes and i will always rememberer this moment. "Our Moment".

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