Prince Marcel Harry Edward Styles I

My Name is Marcel, I am A Prince, and i am also Having an Arranged Marriage. The Sad thing is that I Was Just told, i was a Prince and that i was having an Arranged Marriage, Happy 19th Birthday to Me...

Let Me Start at the Bring..

Coming Soon!!


3. Who is She

I set the big Table and right in front of me was the girl, she look like she been crying. She was in a white dress my aunt and uncle where Quietly  Eating dinner. i Could not Take this any more Someone need to tell me something,maybe she knows something i just ask her, what is her name?  I asked her a question “What is your Name?” she sits up strait in her chair like it was a comment she looked me died in the eyes “I am Princess  Isabella Marie Elizabeth Stromberg” She Said I look at my Aunt. She Stands up and walks out of the Room my uncle Follows her out.. I was left in the room with Isabella..

I didn't know I was Starring at her in tell she said “Prince Marcel Please Stop Starring At me”  She knew I was a prince? “ How old Are you Isabella?” she looks me died in the eyes again, i don't like it, she look my age and she so... i was cut off  “I am Six Prince Marcel” why did she have to say my name like that? “Don’t Call Me Prince Marcel” i just find out. i hate it when the maids call me  Sir, and Mr...i look at Isabella,   

She's looked down at the table and started playing with her hands, she was nervous? Did I do that to her? “Sorry Marcel, What do you want me to Call you Sir? Or Master? Or Mr. Styles?” I shake my Head “ we are the same age Isablla, you can call me Just Marcel” she looks up and Smiles I smile Back at her “ I can I ask you a Question Isabella?” she nods and said “you can ask me anything MARCEL” I had a feeling in my stomach, I quickly pushed it away, “ you’re a Princess, why are you here and not with your Family?”  so looked at me and cocked her head to the left “For the same Reason you’re here Marcel” she said with a confused look on her face, I didn't want her to think I was stupid, so I nod, we talked for an hour or so I showed her my level then my room, we got long really well……. Now we are 13 and 14 And we are Best Friends.. No wait closer then Best Friends.

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