Prince Marcel Harry Edward Styles I

My Name is Marcel, I am A Prince, and i am also Having an Arranged Marriage. The Sad thing is that I Was Just told, i was a Prince and that i was having an Arranged Marriage, Happy 19th Birthday to Me...

Let Me Start at the Bring..

Coming Soon!!


2. I am A Prince? Not to Surprised.


Before I knew it I was seven years old and  I was being schooled in the houses different people came in the house to school me, and then left. 
But one day All the Maids and Servant where going crazy running around, I look out my bedroom window, there was a black car at the other house, then A little Girl Sets out of the Car in a light pink Dress with a Skateboard? In her hand. But to my surprise, My aunt and uncle where they in front of the door like there where for me two years ago, then a knock comes from my door, I turn around, Katie(My Maid ) “Sir Marcel its time for History, come along”  I get up and I look at her “Katie Who was the Girl?” I looks at me then said “What Girl?” I could see in her eyes she know who I was talking about. I roll my eyes “the Girl next’s Door” she did not answer me but just kept walking, I asked my history teacher(John) he just changed the subject and my Math teacher did the same thing. And so forth…

I was Getting Mad. I walk and find my aunt. She looks at me and nods her head knowing what  I am about to says. She tells me to sit down, so I do. Then she specks “Marcel I know you don’t remember much about your Parents, but your parents Are the King and Queen of England, and you are the they son that Makes you?” she asked me I shake my head “no I cant be, I don’t want to be” she said “you’re the Prince, next in line to be king” I was seven years old I don’t want to be a prince let alone king . “Who the Girl then?” I asked her she looks out the Window, then back at me “A Friend for you” I could tell she was lying to me. But did I really want to know? starts to talk to me  “Marcel I know this is a lot to take in, by she will be here for dinner and you two will start be schooled together, so get cleaned up for dinner” she said like she always said to me, I knew there was something she was not telling me. I turn around a start to walk to my room.






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