It's Life

Yes, I have a brother who's in a band.
No, I don't really care.
No, I don't see him.
No, I do not have sexual relations with him or anyone else in the band.
Ooh, I just ruined it didn't I? Yeah well, I'm in a bad mood. My parents died. My brother won't even show up. Like I'm having a bad enough day. Until of course he shows up. Then I'm having an even worse day.
That's right. Vic Fuentes. My older brother.
But I guess it's just life, right?


3. School Sucks

"Wake up, you're going to be late for school!"

Little did he know I was already awake. Staring pointedly at the dull white ceiling before shifting the blankets over my head. I don't want to go to a school, and defiantly not a new school.

"Come on." The voice was now directly above me. I peeked out from behind the safety of the blankets and glared at my brother. Vic crossed his arms. I groaned as he flipped the blankets from me and shivered as the cold began to ease it's way into me.

"Get up, Cassie Fuentes."

Ooh, full name, look at that-

"I'm not going to ask again." I muttered something under my breathe and slowly rolled out of bed with a yawn. He nodded and closed the door behind him as he left.

I yawned again and stumbled towards my bag at the foot of my bed. I hadn't unpacked yet. I grabbed random clothes and dressed, going into the bathroom down the hall and- oh really guys, you wanna know all this information? Ewww, that's nasty.

I had my backpack from my old school that I was going to use. I slipped in the picture of mom and dad and I just to know they'd be with me. I crashed down the stairs to be handed a plate of waffles.

"Vic.." I whined, showing him the time on my watch. "I'm going to be late!" He scoffed.

"There's time enough to eat!" He stated in a sing song voice.

"But- oh look, the bus!" I shuffled my plate back into his hands and raced out the door without looking back.

"New girl.." Whispered up and down the halls as I passed. My middle finger seemed to twitch but I was determined not to let them get the best of me.

"Hey newbie." I heard a girl whisper to me during math class. I looked over at her with my eyebrows raised.

"Do you cut just like your brother?"

Heat spread across my face and I scowled at her.

"He doesn't cut." I hissed. "Not anymore. He's clean. I'm proud of him." She just winked.

"Oh, that's what YOU think."

"It's what I know you creep!" My voice raised at the end and the class turned to me. My face felt like someone poured lava on it. The teacher gave me a look.

"They may have done things different at your school but blah blah blah blah warning blah blah blah..." I blocked his voice out and glared at the girl. She flashed her perfect teeth and flipped her perfect hair and I just wanted to...

Well, I wanted to do a lot.

"So," Vic said as I walked through the door. "The school called. Said you had a bit of an outburst?"

"She started it." I growled. I paused at the foot of the stairs and whipped around to him. He stood giving me a look. A look that's normally on parents. That would be mom and dad if they weren't gone. I took in a breathe but asked, "hey Vic?"

"Yeah Cas."

"Do you still self harm?"

Vic's eyebrows drew together.

"No, of course not-"

"Good." I interrupted, storming up to my bedroom and slamming the door, collapsing on the bed.


School sucks.

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