It's Life

Yes, I have a brother who's in a band.
No, I don't really care.
No, I don't see him.
No, I do not have sexual relations with him or anyone else in the band.
Ooh, I just ruined it didn't I? Yeah well, I'm in a bad mood. My parents died. My brother won't even show up. Like I'm having a bad enough day. Until of course he shows up. Then I'm having an even worse day.
That's right. Vic Fuentes. My older brother.
But I guess it's just life, right?


1. My Parents Are Dead

My only thought right now is just: my parents are dead. I haven't eaten in over a day but it's still just: my parents are dead. I need to pee so bad I think I might cry yellow but it's still just: my parents are dead. A cop asked for my name and I guess I don't know it.

My parents are dead.

I covered up what happened to them in a fog until I couldn't remember it, just like I couldn't remember my name, I forgot everything until just the one sentence hung blankly in the air.

My parents are dead.

My brother didn't show up.

My parents are dead.

I'm alone sitting in the police department waiting for my brother.

My parents are dead.

But just like to everything else- dances, ice skating compositions, he's late and I'm wondering if he'll show up at all.

My parents are dead.

By the look on the police officers face he's probably wondering the same question.

My parents are dead. The ones who raised me, gone. Completely. I'll never see them again.

I stared ahead of me without emotion shown on my face but it raged inside of me like rain water and dust against the sides of my stomach. I looked over at the police officer. 'Would some famous guy pick up his little sister?' His face read.

My parents are dead.

Yes, my brother is famous. Something that's not important right now.

My parents are dead.

"Cassie?" I heard. I jumped. So that was my name? I recognized the voice, but then, a lot of people might. It was my brothers voice- like the night couldn't get much worse.

"Vic Fuentes?" The cop asked, pushing back from his chair.

"Yes," my brother answered.

"I'll have a word with you, in my office." With me not invited, of course.

On the way back I held my backpack to my chest tightly while Vic drove. It was a very silent ride. I heard small sobs coming from up front as I sat in the back. He cried the whole way to wherever he lived- which was either because his parents were dead, or because he was now in charge of his little sister.

If you didn't catch that, that would be me.

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