It's Life

Yes, I have a brother who's in a band.
No, I don't really care.
No, I don't see him.
No, I do not have sexual relations with him or anyone else in the band.
Ooh, I just ruined it didn't I? Yeah well, I'm in a bad mood. My parents died. My brother won't even show up. Like I'm having a bad enough day. Until of course he shows up. Then I'm having an even worse day.
That's right. Vic Fuentes. My older brother.
But I guess it's just life, right?


4. Life's No Picnic

"Cassie!" Vic shouted in my ear.

"No..." I moaned. My world shook and someone shook my shoulders back and forth.

"No, go away." I mumbled, shifting so that my bed sheets covered me fully. I heard a sigh. That's better. Go away. All of a sudden my blankets were gone. I screeched and jolted up, giving Vic a glare as he stood with my blankets in his arms.

"Oh good, you're awake!" He said innocently.

"Really?!" I muttered. "It's the weekend!"

"Well, we're going out." He said.

"Out where? It's the weekend!" I repeated.

"Just get dressed and come down." Then he was gone. Taking my sheets and blankets with him. I flopped down with a sigh.

I stumbled down the stairs and into the kitchen, watching Vic attempt at making pancakes.

"You suck at that." I said. He laughed and turned.

"Do you know how?" He asked, pointing at the sizzling mess that was turning black.

"Not really." I admitted with a shrug. "So, where are we going?"

"To a park." Vic said. "We're going to have a picnic and get to know each other."

"What, really?" I asked.

"Yes." He stated. "Why do you act so surprised?" I stared at his nose ring and tattoos and long hair, and realized I didn't know him at all.

"No reason." I said plainly.

"Cool," he said, turning back. I didn't really want to get to know him though. I guess I was going to if I liked it or not.

"So," Vic said after we got to the park and were now sitting on a bench eating sandwiches.

"So." I said back.

"What do you like to do?" I thought for a second. What DID I like to do?

"I don't know." I said honestly.

"What are you good at?" He asked.

"Um... Not singing?" I said, scratching the back of my head. Yeah, sorry. I don't know. I honestly don't know where Vic got it from cause I am horrible at it. I frowned at my PB&J and picked at it. I didn't want to eat it. Vic cut off the crusts like mom used to, and I still didn't want to. But I didn't have a problem. I did not have a problem.

"My turn." I said. "What do you like to do?"

"Sing," Vic said with a laugh. "And watch TV."

"By 'TV' do you mean porn."

"Hey, hey, no. I do not." He said. I giggled.

"Well... Um..."

"Serious question now," Vic said to me. My stomach dropped. His lips were pressed together which is something dad did when he was thinking.

"Why haven't you been eating?" I coughed and looked away.

"I have too been eating." I said in a mad tone. He raised his hands.

"Sorry. I have Another one-" he said. "Any self harm urges? Depression? I want to know." I stared at him in disbelief. Boy was he brave.

"No," I lied. Okay, I've had some self harm urges- SOME. I haven't acted. Of course I'm sad. Depressed. Whatever it is.

"If you do." He said, giving me a long look. "Come to me. Please." I looked back.

"Okay," I said weakly. "I will."

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