Hidden In Plain Sight||Supernatural

||supernatural fanfiction||
Jazzy Luis has been dead for 15 years.
That's right, you heard me. Dead. Not emotionally. D E A D. Stone cold actual dead. And yet she's still there, but only just. With barely what anyone would call a life (as she's not actually alive) she wanders the old worn down hotel, helping strangers in simple ways because that's all she can do.
Until, of course, she meet Sam and Dean. The hunters.
The ones who kill ghosts for a living.
And the ones who decide to spare her.


2. The Winchester Boys

"Why are we here Dean?"

"There was this hot chick in the window, thought we'd just reel that sucker in, ya know-" Dean made a motion of reeling in a fish.

"Ha ha, very funny," Sam muttered, throwing his bags onto the bed. "But really, Dean, really." Dean shrugged.

"I don't know, this hotel? It's just weird."

"Weird like how?"

He shrugged again. "Not sure."

"Not sure?"

"Yeah, yeah I'm not sure Sam." Dean flung himself back onto the bed. "I mean, so the guy who runs this hotel? He dies of a heartattack, or at least that's what they say."

"What do you mean that's what they say?" Sam asked, sitting down in a chair.

"His heart was literally broken in two. Squeezed until it popped, gives a whole new meaning to 'broken heart.'"

"Yeah..." Sam said. "Yeah, that is pretty weird."

"Yeah and you know how they found him?"

"How?" He asked.

"Because they heard a scream." Dean said bluntly.

"So what, having your heart 'broken' must hurt a whole lot-"

"It was a girls scream. They're all positive of it. But when they got there.." Dean waved his hands. "No girl."

"So what are you thinking?" Sam asked.

"Not sure..." He admitted. "But I thought we'd do some digging."

I rocked in a rocking chair. If you think that just because your dead it means you can't cry, you're wrong. I'd been crying for three days straight. My older sister took the hotel over, she had no problem. I haven't seen her cry once.

Only two men showed up over the next course of the day. Everyone else was frightened out of their mind, rumors spread fast. It's hard to explain these two men other then that they were different. Not like the blue eyed blond haired man, but still just different. I didn't pay attention though. Why would I? I was too busy crying. My heart hurt. My dad was dead and he didn't stay behind after. He had completely moved on and honestly, I'm not sure if I'm mad at him or if I envy him. I want to move on. There's no reason left to stay.

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