Forbidden Love, a Highschool Story how interesting

A Girl on the unpopular side falling for a popular, will be there a chance to brake the love order that have been kept in the school for years, and no one likes a change there.


4. Why?

(The drama teacher put them all in two and there was a problem)

Zoe- Teach I cant work with this non pop

Drama Teacher- Well then is someone willing to switch there partners?.... any one?

(A min went by and it was really awkward for Nya)

Niall- I will Teach

Drama Teacher- OK great

Nya's mind- 

(O my goodness he actually wanted to be my partner.... WHYYYY)

Real world-

Niall- HI

Nya- HI

Drama Teacher- Ok class I will give u each of your own script, and none will be the same... so here u go

Nya- Thanks

Niall- So whats your name cause my name is Niall

Nya- Nya my name is Nya

Niall- Nice to meet u Nya, so what do we have for our scit?

Nya- Do u know how to dance?.... cause this has dancing in it

Niall- In a way I do

Nya- Well same here, I guess we will have to get practicing 

Niall-Ok..... well lets go out to the benches outside to practice

Nya- Well ok

(An hour went past and they sort of got 1 of the dances right)


Niall- Well i'll see u tomorrow

Nya-Ok see u tomorrow




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