Forbidden Love, a Highschool Story how interesting

A Girl on the unpopular side falling for a popular, will be there a chance to brake the love order that have been kept in the school for years, and no one likes a change there.


3. He's a what?

(When they go outside they normally have walk by the group of popular to go to there spot but there's a price, when ever they go by the popular they always make fun of there hair, and cloths, but today it all changed)

Tiana- Hey look the usual (in a snobby way)

Grag- O hey girls nice cloths.... I think I remember us whering that....ummm... like a year ago

Niall- Guys stop just let them be 

Zoe- Why should we new Pop?

Niall- Aaaa... well.... so we can play the rest of the game before break is done

Nyas Mind-

Did she just say that he's a popular? O great now I definitely have to forget him, but the way he stood up for Mag and I..... wow....(sigh)

(Back to real world)

Tiana- Fine

(A few minutes later, the bell rang)

Megan- K see u at lunch... have fun in Drama

Nya- Ya see u... and ya have fun in science

Nya's Mind-

Dramas awesome..... but I just cant stop wondering about the new Pop..... O Snap I don't even know what his name is..... wow that sucks,well I guess its a sort of a good thing cause its not that I can even think of him so if I don't put a name to that wonderful face of his, then I won't get attached.

(Real world, when Nya got there there was already a few of her class mates and the teacher)

Drama Teacher- Hey guys... ok so we are going to wait for a little bit till we start for the rest of the class to show

(A few minutes later everyone was starting to come)

Niall- Hi sorry I'm late

Drama Teacher- Its ok Niall... Please sit down


(Everyone looked her way)

Nya- O did I say that out loud?

Nya's Mind- 

(When I said that it was so awkward, but now I know his name, and 2 he's in drama)

Niall's Mind-

(When she said shoot I have this happy feeling to see her again, I don't even know her name, maybe I should ask?.... no maybe that would be weird if the new guy asks a girl what her name is i'll just wait to see)

(Real world)

Drama Teacher- Ok so today I'm going to do partners for this assignment... so what I will do is give u a number and then the to with the same number go together and then we will see from there





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