Forbidden Love, a Highschool Story how interesting

A Girl on the unpopular side falling for a popular, will be there a chance to brake the love order that have been kept in the school for years, and no one likes a change there.


5. Feeling Good

(it was a new day, but this time Nya woke up with a happy smile)

Mom- Nya come down and eat something!!

Nya- Don't worry I'm here

Mom- (shocked to see Nya standing right next to her) O my U scared me!

Nya- O I'm sorry did i surprise u?

Mom- U sure did u practicality gave me a heartache .... anyways..... I wasn't expecting u to be down already? Nor smiling... whats up?

Nya- O nothing (grinning with happiness)

Mom- O ok (not believing a word she just said)..... o and just to let u know that i got a call from Meghan's Mom and she said that Meghan won't be coming by today because she has an appointment to go to and it will cut into school, but then i told he that it was ok because you can just end up walking on your own because its only 2 blocks away, so it shouldn't be that bad

Nya- o ok i guess that's alright

(After eating breakfast Nya quickly wet upstairs, she decided that she would wear something simple today and so she went through her clothes and found the right ones, then she got her hair brushed and just down)



Nya- DON'T WORRY MOM I'LL BE FINE!! (shuts door behind her)

Nya's Mind-

(I wounder what will happen today.... I made sure I practiced that one dance Niall and I did yesterday.... I just hope he did because we have a lot to do)

(then all of a sudden Niall came up from behind her)

Niall- BOO!!!

Nya- EEK!! (GASP).... O my goodness you SCARED me... what are you doing?

Niall- Walking to school what do you think (with a big smile)

Nya's Mind-

(O my goodness his smile and eyes and well let me just say that when he smiles it feels so warm)

Niall- yo you there (swipes his hand at her face)

Nya- hmm... what.. o ya I'm here, so have you practiced our dance that we worked on?

Niall- O ya... lots

(Nya Looks at him with disbelief)

Niall- What?

Nya- u really practiced?

Niall- yaaaa.... why, don't u believe me?

Nya- Well its just that I over heard people talk about this big party going on and then i heard other people saying that all the POPS would be there.... so if your telling the truth, then say it directly into my eyes... and say it

Nya's Mind-

(O shoot what did i just say.... WHY!!)

Niall- Ok

(Niall and Nya stop walking and then Niall turned and looked straight into her eyes and then said that he did practice, and even after he said it, they probably just stood there for like 2 whole mins, then all of a sudden Nya thought of music)

Nya-  O SHOOT!! I almost forgot about the music (she starts to run) well see ya

Niall- well OK SEE YA AT CLASS

Niall's Mind-

(Man... what just happened... I mean what did I just do, I must have scared her, I mean the saying that has been going around school is that the POPS are out of the question for the simple people.... so maybe that's why she acted that way when she quickly had to go after we were staring at each other for over a minute...)


Niall- 3..2..1... play

(Nya puts on the song Eye of the tiger)


(block 1 ended and Megan entered the school with hurry for she had to get to class or else her teacher would not be pleased, then all of a sudden....)

Megan- OOOFFF..... Hey what do u think your doing!

Harry- well you should watch were your going... now look I'm going to get caught by the (Burrito Man) and go to detention and your coming with me

Megan- WELL sorrryyy I didn't mean to, and don't u me the hall monitor guy.....

Burrito Man-  Hey u 2!! your coming with me!

Nya's Mind-

(a few mins later in the principals office the principal didn't look surprised to see the boy i just bumped into, I guess he's been in here before, but when she saw me, she was surprised)

Principal-  Well well well, its good to see u again in my office Mr.Styles what has it been 2 times this week, hmm well anyways.... (she turns to Megan) so your a first timer, explain to me your name and why you were in the halls

Megan- my Name is Megan Borne, and I'm sorry but I didn't mean to be late its just that when I got here right when the second bell and just as I was turning off my music when this boy here (Nya points  to Harry) I'm sure just accidentally (sarcastically) bumped into me and then he got at me, so then there u go I'm late

Principal- Hmm I see, well since I do believe u and also its your first time getting caught then i will let u off with no warning

Megan- Wait What??

Harry- Ya Wait What???!!!

Principal- well since your already to late to go into class, then you would have no place to go, so why not, plus you can do your school.

Harry- What is this my punishment?

Principal- well if u want her to... then I guess it will save me on what to do u Mr. Styles...... Hank (Burrito Man) please take these to detention

Hank- Yes mam... lets go u 2

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