Forbidden Love, a Highschool Story how interesting

A Girl on the unpopular side falling for a popular, will be there a chance to brake the love order that have been kept in the school for years, and no one likes a change there.


2. Can't stop thinking about him

(When Nya was done playing the song "The of the Tiger" the second bell rang but she never forgot that boy she rang into and his gorgeous blue eyes)

Teacher- Nyaaa Nyyyaaaa...... NYA!

Nya- (breaking from day dream) O shoot.... sorry Mrs.Marker

Teacher- Its ok but u need to concentrate


Megan- Psst.... what were u doing

Nya- I don't know I guess my mind went for a vocation

Megan- Well daaa, any ways I'll talk to u at break..k

Nya- K

(A while later and the bell rang for break)

Megan- Ok so hey what were u thinking of to make Mrs.Marker impatient?

Nya- Do u remember the boy I ran into before school

Megan- Yaaaa of course I had to peel u away cause we had to go

Nya- Well... I don't know but I just cant stop thinking about his gorgeous blue eyes...... (sigh)

Megan- Well snap out of it, remember what u always say "who cares about dating, plus I only want to be with one that's why I need to be careful" 

Nya- I know, don't worry I always do that for blue eyes..... I just seem to love them blue eyes

Megan- OK..... well lets go outside, its nice out

Nya- Sure..... lets

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