Cruenta Ultionem is your typical 16 year old girl. Scratch that, she's your typical traveling zombie slayer.

In an apocalyptic world, Cruenta, her brother, and her father, are traveling, looking for a safe haven from the dead that walk the Earth. Zombies are almost everywhere, but that's not the only problem for Cruenta, animals can be infected too and most of them are attracted to the smell her blood more than any other’s. Cruenta also has 3 more brothers and a sister out there and she is determined to find them. Will she survive the zombie apocalypse?


1. Cynophobia

Sometimes, I wonder how the hell I'm still alive. I mean, I must be really lucky, and not, at the same time, because I sure have had way too many near death experiences for my age, which is 16, by the way.

First, we have the zombie apocalypse, which was hard enough, because I had to avoid getting bitten and turned into one of those cannibalistic freaks and then(second), getting trampled in riots, which are what caused the mass infection that we have now. If the riots hadn’t happened then the zombification virus probably would’ve been wiped out in days, before an apocalypse even began. So, third, apparently the smell of my blood distracts a zombie from any other survivor completely, I’m sure you can imagine the problems that causes. And, fourth being trapped in a garage with a zombie isn’t very fun. Well, there’s plenty more examples but, way too many more. And I’m sure you get the picture.

I was riding in the back of a modified army truck, half of the back cover had been cut off and shielded from the inside of the covered half. I sat in the uncovered half with my little brother, Zach, my dad, and a local. Thomas had been kind thus far and was willing to accept us into his community for now. He was showing us the punishment for high crimes, like murder. The truck was called the Punisher, the front half, the covered part, held the criminals in question, they had been proven of murder and rape. Three men sat, hands tied and waiting. I heard mangled barking and a door slide, I turned my head to see zombified dogs, Zogs, and an opening on the right side of the criminal cage. The driver went over a bump that had been put into the road for the purpose of dumping the perpetrators to the Zogs. Thomas explained that criminals were given to the Zogs because they had no other way to punish them and they couldn’t catch or kill the Zogs, because they were too fast for anyone capable to try.

Unfortunately the same damn man-made bump toppled me out of the truck. I scratched my arm when I fell too, so can you guess what happened next? Seeing as how the three men were already dead and the truck was too far away and going too fast. My only choice was to run as soon as blood welled up in the cut. I saw the 4 Zogs rear up their heads as the scent finally reached them, luckily I had started to run the other way, so, I had a head start... of about ten seconds. Gosh, am I glad I can run really fast otherwise I would’ve been toast.

The area the Zogs and I were trapped in had lots of wooden fences that I weaved in and out of before coming to an old playground that I used to confuse the Zogs. Before they caught up to me I ran towards a fence, I passed two stray boxers on the way. I realized they had crawled under the fence and hoped the Zogs couldn't figure out how to follow me past it. I jumped when I got close to the fence and was lucky enough for my hands to reach the top of the fence and throw myself over.

The Zogs had continued their strangled barking, and then, silence. Had they reached the fence? I glanced back, and wished I hadn’t. The Zogs had found the strays. I regretted looking back, but I had to keep running. Pained whimpers reached my ears and I hurriedly tuned them out. Finally, I reached another fence, this one 20 feet tall, I immediately started to climb again as the cries of the zombie dogs began once again and came closer. I was near the top when I pulled the airsoft pistol out of the shoulder holster I was wearing and aimed towards the Zogs jumping and barking at me from below.

A string of curse words flew from my lips as the heavy, paint marking ammo only splattered on their heads. I had blinded one’s eye, but that’s the only damage they took. I now knew only real, lead bullets would pierce their thick skulls. Growling more curses, put the pistol back in my holster, pulled my backpack full of my weapons, and an assortment of other things, from my shoulders and threw it over the barbed wire at the top of the fence and far enough so the Zogs wouldn’t get it. I then slowly pulled myself through the barbed wire, scratching my long-sleeve covered arms and my back.

The pain that suddenly streaked through my body made me let go of the fence and fall to the ground, knocking the wind out of me and I almost blacked out. As the sound of the world came back to me, along with the ability to breathe, I slowly stood up, gathered my bag, and trudged towards the building that had been behind the fence.

Shock filled me when a boy my age suddenly collided roughly with me and my body dropped like stones in a lake. I grabbed his hand when he reached down to help me up and he started to speak.

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