He's The Devil

When Marc was twelve years old the only thing he feared was what the new boy in his class thought about him. The fear of living life without his parents was never in his top 5.

He watched their blood coat the sheepskin carpet in the hallway, he'd felt the warm air become cold as a dark figure entered the house. He's looked into the eyes of the devil and now... he been dragged down into Hell.

Now nineteen and wrapped in a world of Hell, torture and blood Marc's mind drifts back into the past. What he doesn't realised is these memories will shorten his chance of a future.


3. The unexpected

Those were the last words my mother ever said to me. If I’d known that at the time I would have cherished every syllable.

 The follows hours followed how I’d planned them, I caught up on missed shows, showered, dressed for bed. But I stayed up waiting to see the car’s headlights coming up the drive. I remember looking up at the grandfather clock as it stroke half past ten and still there was no car lights.

  I waited a total of 42 minutes and 13 seconds for those bloody headlights. Once the car pulled into the drive and parked I ran from my room, and leaned over the balcony hidden by the darkness of the upper floor.

 Down below I watched the front door open, my mother stumbled in as if the devil was on her heels. She nearly tripped over the hat stand in her hast. My father came crashing behind her, “Harriet!”

“Get away from me…” my mother whirled around, quickly kicking her heels to the side and backing up away from my father.

 I watched in horror; my parents never fought like this or in front of me for that matter, they always did bitter whispers. But peering in between the balcony railings I saw my mother terrified like a fawn, backing away from my father.

“Harriet calm down.”

“No! I won’t calm down,” she burst into hysterics, “what you have done?” her voice came out cold, terrified.

“Nothing,” my father looked behind him, “that man was probably high on something.” He edged closer to mother but she kicked out screaming,

“Get back!”

“Okay, okay…please lower your voice darling; the neighbours will…”
“Fuck the neighbours!” mother cried. I recoiled, I’d never heard mother swear. It was a crystal clear sign she was lashing out, terrified.


There was a slight pause.

“What did that gentleman mean?”

“Oh come on Harriet he was a mad man, you can’t really believe in what he said?”
“Why would he say it if it wasn’t true? It doesn’t seem like a joking subject”

“Please Harriet…” he tried to step forward but mother seemed to shudder causing him to back





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