The Boy With The Silver Lighter **ON HIATUS**

**Sequel to 'The Boy With The Red Sunglasses'.** It has been a week since the funeral of Evelyn James, a funeral that shouldn't have happened. Because Evelyn is not dead, although she might as well be. With the order to stay away from her friends, family and the boy she loves, Evelyn has no choice but to go back to the boy who caused her death - the boy with the silver lighter.


15. X-Memories

"Nice choice, Saint John." Evelyn smirks over the greasy burger in her hands. Yeah, I took her to the local diner on a date (I'm totally classing this as a date). Sure, it's not the Ritz, but hey, I'm on a budget, and who doesn't love cheap fries anyway?
"Don't call me that." I flick a fry at her but she dodges it quickly.
"Fine. What about Johnny?" Her amused smile grows.
"No." I reply in a warning tone. She's so irritating sometimes!
"Hmmm... Consolation prize?" So, I guess now she's just listing every annoying nickname she's ever given me.
"No way!"
"What about hot stuff?" She winks at me. Hey! That my thing! She's totally stealing my characteristics now.
"Well, actually, that's not too bad. I mean-"
"Nahh." She cuts me off. "I don't like it. It's implies that I actually find you sexually attractive."
"Hey!" I object, slightly insulted. "Don't even bother saying you're don't think I'm hot, because we both know that's a lie."
"You are hot." Her words bring a smug smile to my lips, until she quickly adds "Temperature wise!"
"Shut up, sweetcheeks." I flick another fry at her playfully. "You know that from the moment we met in that tacky club, you thought I was the embodiment of all that is gorgeous and you totally wanted me."
"You keep telling yourself that, Aussie boy." She takes a long suck on the straw in her milkshake, still looking up at me.
"That's just a terrible nickname." I throw a few fries casually into my mouth. The unhealthy, processed taste never fails to brighten my day.
"No." She laughs. "It suits you."
"That's like me saying that you suit 'America girl' or something."
"Eww!" Her laughter increases. "That makes me sound like that Captain America guy's little sidekick!"
"Yeah, you're right." I can't help smirking at the thought of Evelyn ever working with that weird do-gooder. That would never last. She'd probably set his little shield on fire or something. "You're my sidekick!"
"No way!" She objects. "You're totally mine."
"How? I'm more experienced at what we do than you are!" I use quite vague language to avoid alerting the people around us to the fact we're mutants. With anyone else, I wouldn't care, but Evelyn's different. I don't want her getting found out.
"Yeah, but you need this, Aussie boy!" She flicks my small, silver lighter around her fingers. "I don't."
"Hey!" I pat my pockets and, sure enough, the lighter is missing. "Where did you get that?"
"Took it from your pants when you were sleeping." She shrugs, igniting a small flame. "You should really pay more attention to where you put your stuff."
"Give me that!" I laugh, snatching it from her hands. "That's my favourite one!"
"I thought I was your favourite lighter, John." She smiles up at me sweetly.
"Nah. This one doesn't get all pissed when I talk to a girl in a bar." I tease.
"Shut up. I so wasn't jealous." She pouts.
"Didn't say you were." I raise my hands in mock surrender.
"Good, because I-" Her words cut off and the colour drains from her face, her eyes locked on the window behind me.
"Evelyn? You okay?"
"It- it's them!" He eyes don't stray. I turn to follow her gaze and immediately see what's got her so struck.
The X-Men are outside. They look so different to when I last saw them, at Evelyn's funeral. I shudder at the memory. They are all dressed casually, but I can't help but still find them slightly intimidating.
"I- I need to- to get out of here." Evelyn stutters.
"Okay. You go out the back entrance, put your helmet on and wait for me at the bike." I command. "I'll make sure they don't see you."
She nods quickly before hurrying off. She's scared. I can feel it. Fear is not something she's exhibited the last few days. She's been so hard. Maybe old Evelyn is showing through?
I take out my wallet and toss a couple of notes on the table as I get up. It only takes a couple of seconds for feather boy (the one Evelyn calls Warren) to notice me and alert their douchey leader. Jeez, what did Evelyn ever see in that guy?
"What are you doing here?" He asks bluntly.
"Eating. Like any normal person." I reply sarcastically. I'm more than irritated by him already.
"On your own? Isn't that a little sad?" The younger boy - I think Evelyn called him Bobby - speaks up.
"You guys are calling me sad?" I can't help laughing slightly.
"You took everything from me, Allerdyce." Scott growls.
"You don't think that Evelyn meant anything to me?" I snap, the emotion I felt when I thought she was gone returns slightly.
"Don't you even say her name!" He grabs my shirt and pulls me towards him. "She's gone! And it's all your fault!"
"I loved her." I state. Even pretending she's still gone is painful.
"No!" He yells, pushing me back, causing the whole diner to fall into silence.
"Scott." The attractive, redheaded telepath touches his arm gently. "He's not worth it."
"I hate you." He hisses. "More than I ever thought I could hate anyone! You ruined my life. You killed her. And I hope you rot in your own guilt for that."
"You think I don't hate myself for what I did?" I reply, the returning emotions becoming too much. "You think I don't spend every waking moment wishing I could take it back? Because I do, Summers. I really do!"
"Cut the crap, Pyro! You don't know what you're talking about!" His body tenses with anger. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't blast a hole through your chest right now!"
"Scott!" The telepath gasps.
"Because you don't want to expose yourself." I whisper. I'm done trying to be sweet. Screw him.
"Seeing you pay for what you've done just might be worth it."
"Fine then. Take your best shot." I step back and hold my arms out wide. He does nothing. "Thought so."
"Get out of here." He orders.
"I was planning on." I watch my hand as I weave my lighter between my fingers. "I'm not too keen on hanging out with a guy who thinks it's cool to wear sunglasses indoors."
"I said get out." He repeats, growing tenser. The telepath touches his arm reassuringly again. How does he get such good girls? He's a total douche!
"Leaving." I hold up my hands and walk straight towards to the door, bumping shoulders with two of the group as I do. Ugh. What jerks! I head for my bike as I enter the parking lot. I see Evelyn sat on the ground beside it, drumming her fingers on her leg impatiently. She's not wearing the helmet like I told her to. I should've known, really. She's terrible at following orders.
"Hey, sweetcheeks." I bend down beside her and kiss her hair lightly. "You okay?"
"Just a bit weird seeing them, you know?" She doesn't lift her head.
"I know." I hug her cautiously, fearful that she may flee.
"Let's go home." I feel the butterflies in my stomach at the sound of the word. Home. That's how she views my apartment. I smile slightly.
"Sure." I stand and offer her my hand. She takes it, allowing me to pull her to her feet.
"Thank you, John." She says quietly.
"What? No stupid nickname?" I joke trying to make her laugh. It doesn't work. Instead, she chooses to kiss me. I, of course, have no issue with this.
"No." A familiar voice pulls us from our peaceful moment. "This can't be real!"
"Jean!" Evelyn gasps, pulling away from me. The redhead telepath stands a few feet away from us, her mouth gaping and her face pale.
This can only go well.


**Drama, drama, drama. How’s it going? Are you guys still enjoying it? I worry that I’m boring you! xD Keep commenting! Thanks.**

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