The Boy With The Silver Lighter **ON HIATUS**

**Sequel to 'The Boy With The Red Sunglasses'.** It has been a week since the funeral of Evelyn James, a funeral that shouldn't have happened. Because Evelyn is not dead, although she might as well be. With the order to stay away from her friends, family and the boy she loves, Evelyn has no choice but to go back to the boy who caused her death - the boy with the silver lighter.


13. The Morning After

I wince as the morning light pitches in through the floor to ceiling windows. What happened last night? I rub my forehead tiredly. My entire body aches heavily and my left arm is numb. I feel like I've been abused. I push myself up with my right hand, looking around slowly. I'm on the sofa in my apartment; the space around me is a mess - more than usual. Did I sleep here last night? I moan loudly when a stabbing pain shoots through my otherwise dead arm. I risk a glance over at it and am immediately gagging at the sight. A large burn snakes up my forearm. What the hell happened to me?
"Sleeping beauty's awake, I see." Evelyn calls from the kitchen area. I blink over at her, gritting my teeth at the returning pain in my arm. She leans lazily against the counter, smiling sweetly.
"What did you do to me last night?" I moan, closing my eyes in an attempt to dull the aching in my head.
"Nothing you didn't want me to." I hear her footsteps near me and allow my eyes to slip open again. "Oh. Maybe apart from that."
She takes my arm gently and holds her hand above it. Her movements are slow and cautious, unlike the few actions I remember from last night. The pain drifts away gradually and soon only the dull ache remains, matching my arm to the rest of my body.
"Thanks." I take a deep breath. "So, what happened last night?"
"You don't remember?" She raises an eyebrow.
"If our connection butchered my mind even half as much as your flames butchered my body, are you really surprised?" Her cheeks adopt a strong red hue at my words.
"You wanna know what happened?"
"That would be nice." I run my right hand through my hair.
"I won't bore you with the details." She replies casually. "But you know you were thinking about how rubbish it was being second best to Scott?"
"Evelyn, what have I told you about staying out of my-"
"After last night," She cuts me off with a whisper. "You're definitely number one."
"Really?" Suddenly, the pain seems worth it and a proud smile takes my lips.
"Uh huh." She bites her lip seductively. "You definitely 'pushed that irritating, good-boy X-Man off the top spot'."
"You know it's really creepy when you quote my thoughts back at me, right?" I kiss her lightly.
As much as I want to ignore it, Voltage's words echo in my mind. There's something wrong with Evelyn. Even though I want to believe I am her number one, I know if she was really herself, she wouldn't be saying these things. I'll never come before Scott Summers. I know that.~
"Evelyn, we need to talk." I say strongly.
"Not now, number one." She leans in to kiss me, a cheeky smile on her lips.
"No." I pull back. "This is important."
"What now?" She sighs.
"Are you feeling okay?" I try to soften my expression the best that I can.
"Better than ever." She grins, but her expression is unfamiliar and she seems somewhat distant.
"Don't you think you've been a bit different lately?" I push, tugging her to sit beside me.
"Yeah, but I'm finally with someone who doesn't just want to hold me down." This is just getting weirder. Her words just don't fit with the Evelyn I know.
"Scott didn't want to-"
"He did. You said it yourself." She cuts in.
"Evelyn, I just worry about you." I argue, dropping my throbbing forehead to hers.
"Don't." She orders, ending the conversation. "You want some pain killers?"
"How did you guess?" I smirk.
"Stay here," She kisses me softly. "I'll bring you some breakfast."
"Seriously?" She's making me breakfast?
"You deserve it, number one." I can't resist smiling. Okay, so I tried. She said everything was fine. That means I can keep enjoying what we have, right?
"Number one? Is that going to replace my 'consolation prize' nickname?" I ask as she heads back over to the kitchen area. I lie back down on the sofa, relaxing my aching muscles. I am still seriously worried about what she did to get me like this!
"Uh huh!" She calls back.
"Perfect." I let my eyes fall closed again, allowing the world to drift away for a moment.

"Hey!" Evelyn's laughter accompanied by the smell of fresh bacon wake me from my nap. "I leave you for ten minutes and you're asleep again!"
"Living with a hormonal pyrokinetic is exhausting." I yawn.
"Trust me, I know." She giggles.
"I'm not hormonal!" I laugh. "I don't have all those crazy woman mood swings you girls get."
"Don't be sexist!" She taps my nose lightly.
"Something smells like bacon!" I sit up, changing the subject.
"Yup! With a side order of extra strength pain meds!" She places a plate and a small glass of orange juice on the coffee table in front of the sofa, before dropping two small, white pills beside the glass.
"You would make the perfect girlfriend." I take her hand as she turns away, pulling her into my lap.
"I know." She smiles a sarcastic smile.
"I love you, Evelyn." I kiss her slowly. "And I hope one day I'll get to make you my girlfriend."
"In your dreams!" She kisses my forehead, standing from my aching thighs.
"Considering we share dreams..." I gibe telepathically.
She laughs as she walks away. "Just eat your bacon!"


**Is it still going okay? Let me know! Also, have a doodle I did of Pyro!**


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