The Boy With The Silver Lighter **ON HIATUS**

**Sequel to 'The Boy With The Red Sunglasses'.** It has been a week since the funeral of Evelyn James, a funeral that shouldn't have happened. Because Evelyn is not dead, although she might as well be. With the order to stay away from her friends, family and the boy she loves, Evelyn has no choice but to go back to the boy who caused her death - the boy with the silver lighter.


12. The Game

"Do you remember our bet?" Evelyn bites her lip playfully, obviously in a better mood after her reunion with Voltage. She lies across the couch, with her head on my lap, looking up at me.
"You mean the one when I wanted you to kiss me?" I sigh quietly at the thought. A few months into discovering our connection, soon after finding that Evelyn didn't, in fact, hate me, I made a bet with her that she couldn't go a week without kissing me and if I won, she'd leave the X-Men for me. We called it off mid-way through, but technically she won. Ironically, everything was simpler back then - even though she did have some douchey boyfriend.
"Yeah." Her smile grows. "As much as it was a totally stupid thing to do, I guess it was kind of fun."
"Fun?" I can't hide my surprise. "I thought you hated it."
"I quite enjoyed you falling over yourself to kiss me." She giggles. "It was sexy."
"I was not..." My words fade out mid-lie. "Okay, so I put some unnecessary effort in."
"Unnecessary effort?" She laughs loudly. "You spent your spare time digging around in my mind to find the things that made me fall in love!"
"Yeah? So? I was just showing commitment." That and the fact I really wanted to win.
"But you didn't win." She chimes in.
"Why are you suddenly picking up on all of my thoughts? I hardly hear any of yours now!" I moan.
"I guess I just got better at this whole 'telepathy' thing." She pushes herself up awkwardly to sit beside me.
"I'm not sure that's a good thing." I mumble. If she hears me she doesn't bother to argue.
"My point is, don't you miss that excitement?" She leans lazily against my shoulder.
"The excitement of knowing that your boyfriend could discover us any day and punch a hole right through my chest with his eyes?" I reply sarcastically. "Nope, can't say I do."
"Think about it, John. Think about how hot it was when everything was forbidden." Her whispering in my ear becomes more of a hushed growl - almost primal.
"Evelyn," I sigh. Maybe Voltage was right. This isn't normal.
"I bet I can make you kiss me, hot stuff." She purrs. I can't deny that she is unexplainably sexy right now, but I can't just ignore her weird behaviour... Can I?
"Maybe you should just-"
"No." She cuts me off. "You want me to get you to kiss me?"
"No." I lie. I love the idea of her trying to impress me. Maybe just one day wouldn't be so bad. I can figure out what's going on tomorrow. For now, I have the most gorgeous girl dying to have me kiss her. Maybe just for tonight, I can ignore how weird she's acting and just enjoy her wanting me.
"No?" She raises her eyebrows.
"Yes." I confess.
"Good boy." She smiles a strange, unfamiliar smile. "So, I want you to try not to kiss me for as long as you can."
"Okay." Sure. How hard can it be?
"You have no idea." She purrs telepathically.
"Stay out of my private thoughts." I warn.
She bites her lip and looks up at me. "Make me, Mr Allerdyce."
"Stop it!" I laugh.
"What?" She asks innocently, but the satisfied smile on her lips gives her away.
"I know what you're doing." I run my hand roughly through her hair, messing up its perfect appearance.
"Hey!" She protests, nudging it back into place and pouting in the process.
"Don't worry, sweetcheeks." I whisper seductively. "You look sexy with your hair messed up."
"You look sexy, period." She purrs.
"Oh yeah?" Again, she bites her lip, this time adding in a subtle nod in reply to my question. Damn, she's hot!
"You want to kiss me, John." She states telepathically, her eyes locking with my own. The fiery tint seems more prominent than ever.
"I do." My voice is low and quiet.
"You're going to kiss me, John." The slight alteration in the sentence makes all the difference. She can so easily drive me crazy for her. I wonder temporarily if she has limited hypnotic capabilities like Faye, because the way she makes me want her is simply unbelievable.
"I don't need to be hypnotic, hot stuff. I'm all pyrokinetic." She traces my lips with a long, black fingernail. I can't pull my eyes from hers, and her words have me struggling to find my own. She so regularly gets me speechless. She knows that I find her mutation sexy. She knows everything I find sexy.
"I hope your smoke detector's off." She whispers, speaking aloud once again.
"Why?" I finally manage to speak a single word, as she straddles my hips. Damn.
"Because," I hear her fingers click behind her and, out of the corner of my eye, I see a ring of fire encircle the couch. "I know how much you love my ability. And I like to show off for you."
"Should I be worried you're setting fire to my apartment?" I still can't quite manage to break our eye contact.
"No. You should be kissing me." She pushes the bottom of my shirt up slightly, her fingers grazing my skin. I swallow hard. This is going to be more difficult than I expected.
"I can resist you, Evelyn." I lie.
"No, you can't. I'm all you've wanted since that night we met in the club. Every time you listened to my thoughts about my ex, you wished they were about you. You dream about kissing me, holding me. I'm everything you need. You're worried about me. You think there's something wrong." She leans in closer to me. "There's nothing wrong. I just want you, John Allerdyce. Just you."
"Oh, god." I screw my eyes shut and take a deep breath. There's no way I can resist her. And she knows that. She knows everything.
"Relax, Pyro." I feel her lips on my neck, her warm breath on my skin heightening my senses. "If it's too hard to resist... Don't."
"No. I'm fine." Another lie. And now it shows in my strained voice. She places gentle kisses slowly up my neck. I still refuse to open my eyes. The crackling of the fire around us grows louder, indicating her heightened emotion, or maybe mine. I'm not even sure anymore.
"Don't lie to me." She whispers, her lips on my jawbone. "I know you want me."
"Everyone does." I breathe. "You're Ardor."
"Not to you." She switches to communicate through our connection, so that she can continue kissing my neck sweetly. "To you, I'm Evelyn Hannah James. I'm the girl you love. Not just some redheaded superhero fad you saw on TV. I'm the one who sleeps in your bed each night, the one who's currently burning up your apartment. You know I mean more to you than anyone else, John. You know you want me more than anyone else does."
"I- I..." I let the words trail off, the sensation of her lips on my skin sending my head into a fuzz of messed up thoughts. Her hands slip up under my shirt, exploring my body.
"Open your eyes, John." She pulls her lips from my skin slowly.
"I can't." I reply telepathically, unable to form the words with my lips.
"Look into my eyes." She orders. I can sense her lips just inches from my own.
"If I do that, there's nothing that will be able to stop me kissing you." Again, I speak telepathically. "And I don't like losing."
"Screw the game." She growls in an unbelievably sexy manner. I can hear my own breathing become harsher every second. Holy shit. "I'll say it again; open your eyes."
I let my eyes snap open and allow myself to drink in the sight before me. Her perfect grey-blue eyes are out of focus in mine, due to their close proximity, but that doesn't stop the catch in my breath.
"Tell me something I want to hear." I command, remembering her use the same words on me when we first made the bet all those weeks ago.
"You make me want to be such a bad girl for you, Mr Allerdyce." And with that, I give up. I push my fingers into her hair and guide her lips to my own, kissing her passionately. There's no way to tell her how much she means to me, so instead, I have to try to communicate it in our kiss. The flames grow wilder around us and I am thankful that I'm not the only pyrokinetic in the room, as my control left the moment our lips touched. If it was up to me to tame the fire, the whole damn building would be nothing but ash now.
"John," Her voice breaks into my mind as we kiss. "Show me I don't need some random telekinetic from a cheap bar."
My muscles tighten at the thought of Evelyn with him. She's mine!
"You only need me." I reply forcefully, not breaking the kiss for a second.
"I'll always need you, consolation prize." Her choice of nickname pisses me off. Even now? I kiss her more. I can be better than him and I'll show her! No more second best! It's time to push that irritating, good-boy X-Man off the top spot. I'm the one she should be with and I'm going to prove it to her. Screw him and his stupid red sunglasses! This time, I'm going to show her that what she really needs is me. And I'm going to do it the way only pyrokinetics know how.
I run my hands slowly down her body until I reach her waist. I then push her down roughly to lie on the couch. She laughs a strange sort of satisfied laughter when our kiss breaks. I slam my hand down on the sofa cushion beside her face, ordering the flames to follow. They do, the fire illuminating every element of her expression.
"I can play with fire too, you know." She whispers, raising her hand to be level with my face and clicking her fingers, embers shooting in all directions. Damn!
We kiss again, slowly willing more fire to join our contact, until we are almost entirely consumed in our own flames. Occasionally, her excitement gets too much, and she burns my skin slightly. But the pain is nothing compared to how she makes me feel.
Evelyn James is kissing me. Passionately. It's perfect. And more than insanely hot. The sensation is sending me out of my mind. She's making out with me on my couch.
Take that, Summers!

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