The Boy With The Silver Lighter **ON HIATUS**

**Sequel to 'The Boy With The Red Sunglasses'.** It has been a week since the funeral of Evelyn James, a funeral that shouldn't have happened. Because Evelyn is not dead, although she might as well be. With the order to stay away from her friends, family and the boy she loves, Evelyn has no choice but to go back to the boy who caused her death - the boy with the silver lighter.


14. Saint John

"I need a new uniform." Evelyn states strongly, throwing a potato chip into her mouth as she leans against the kitchen counter once again.
"What do you mean?" I place my hands either side of her body, trapping her, and step closer to her, unable to resist.
"I mean, I want to be a public mutant again!" She kisses me quickly. "Staying in so much is boring."
"Why not just wear what you wore to Club Omega last night?" I shrug. "You look good in that."
"Because," She ducks down under my arm, escaping my embrace as I lean towards her. "I need to hide my identity - look like a different person.  I can't risk the X-Men finding me."
"Why wear clothes?" I follow her as she heads for the sofa.
"John, I just said 'hide my identity." She slumps onto the couch. "If I'm not wearing anything, my identity will be the thing I'm least worried about showing."
"I didn't say don't wear anything." I sit beside her, reclining into the soft cushions.
"You said-"
"I said," I cut her off. "'Why wear clothes', I didn't say anything about being naked."
"What else am I supposed to wear, perv?" She laughs. It's such a beautiful sound.
"Flames." I reply simply.
"What?" She blinks up at me, an indescribably cute confused expression takes her features.
"Encase your body in a thin layer of flames. Keep your hair alight. Flame mask. It's perfect." Plus, extremely sexy.
"I heard that." She sings in my mind. "But that's kind of a cool idea."
"See! I do have good ideas!" I lean down to kiss her, but she dodges me quickly. Jeez!
"But," She emphasizes the word. "What if someone, like, extinguished me or something? I'd be naked!"
"I didn't think of that." I can't help laughing at the thought.
"Hey!" She punches me on the arm. "It's not funny! And I couldn't wear clothes because they'd just burn off."
"You could get fire proof underwear?" I suggest, although I have no issue with her wearing nothing but flames.
"I'd want a little more than underwear, thanks." She rolls her eyes in the cutest way. I can't believe Summers got on her back for that!
"Fine. Fire proof clothes." I shrug.
"Do they even make those? Like, strong enough to withstand something as hot as me?" She giggles at her own wordplay.
"True, you are smoking hot." I wink at her, causing her to giggle more. Jeez, her moods are all over the place!
"Thanks," She blushes through her chuckling. "But seriously, where would I get that?"
"The Internet." I spread my hands in an arch gesture in front of me and speak in a sarcastic tone.
"You're so annoying." She rolls her eyes again, before shuffling closer to me. Once again, I duck down to join our lips, but I then feel her take my phone from my pocket before she pulls away. Ugh! Can't I have one kiss?
"Nope," She pushes into my mind. "Because if I give you one, you'll want more, number one."
"You can stop calling me that now, it sounds weird."
"Would you prefer 'consolation prize' again?" She replies, her focus seemingly entirely on my phone as she swipes her thumb over the screen.
"I take it back, 'number one' is fine."
"Thought so." She speaks aloud now, passing me my phone. "Sign in?"
I take the device and quickly type in my e-mail address and password before tossing it back to her.
"Why are you on eBay?" I ask. Surely she should've just done a Google search?
"It's got everything." She shrugs. "Wait. What's with your e-mail address?"
"What?" It's a normal address. It's just my name- oh no.
"Why is it 'sjallerdyce' not just 'jallerdyce'?" She looks up at me from my phone for the first time.
"No reason." I lie.
"John." She warns.
"Okay, fine." I sigh. "So, my parents weren't the best at picking names..."
"So John isn't your real name?" She sounds genuinely interested, as she moves closer to me again.
"No, it is. It's just..." I sigh. "My full name is Saint John Allerdyce."
"Saint?" She bites her lip, trying - and failing - to suppress laughter. "Seriously?"
"Okay, this is exactly why I didn't tell you!" Now I'm the one who's eye rolling. This is kind of like a universal reaction when people find out you have a stupid name.
"It's... Cute." She smiles, kissing me on the cheek. So, now she'll kiss me?!
"No, it's really not!"
"It is!" She laughs. "It's just not very 'you'."
"You think?" I reply sarcastically.
"You're way too bad to be a saint." She bites her lip playfully.
"I could be a saint for you, Evelyn." I whisper sweetly. She quickly bursts into laughter. "Hey! I thought that was kinda cute!"
"Don't try to be sweet, John, it doesn't suit you." Her words fight through her fit of laughter.
"I can pull off sweet!" I reply defensively.
"No. Just no."
"Hey!" I object. "I could totally-"
She cuts me off with a kiss, her lips still pulled into a smirk below my own. It feels so nice to have our lips together again. She deepens the kiss, causing me to wrap my arms around her body. But then, she just pulls away again. Ugh! This girl is impossible!
"Shut up." She smirks.
"Whatever." I pushed my hand over her hair, messing it up. "Let's go for lunch."
"Where?" She wrinkles her nose.
"I don't care. Somewhere out in the city. I'm bored of being stuck in here." I stand from the sofa and offer her my hand. "Anywhere you wanna go, Miss James?"
She takes my hand. "Surprise me."


**Ugh! Sorry nothing good is happening right now. I have something significant planned in the next chapter.**

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