The Boy With The Silver Lighter **ON HIATUS**

**Sequel to 'The Boy With The Red Sunglasses'.** It has been a week since the funeral of Evelyn James, a funeral that shouldn't have happened. Because Evelyn is not dead, although she might as well be. With the order to stay away from her friends, family and the boy she loves, Evelyn has no choice but to go back to the boy who caused her death - the boy with the silver lighter.


19. Nightmare

"Scott!" I can hear her voice, but she is nowhere to be seen. All is black.
"Scott!" She shouts again.
Why is she calling for him? "Scott! John! Anybody!"
"I'm here." I manage to say, still confused by my surroundings - or, lack of.
"John?" The panic fades from her voice slightly.
"Are you okay, Evelyn?" I feel the worry bloom in my chest.
"Thank god you can hear me!" I search the darkness for her, with no success. "I need help! Desperately!"
"What's wrong? What can I do?" I reach out into the darkness, exploring it with my hands.
Where is she?
"I'm going to hurt you. I'm going to hurt you all!" Her words are laced with poorly hidden emotion. I search my pockets for a lighter, seeking to light the way, but find nothing.
"Evelyn! Use your fire, help me find you!" I beg. Why can't I see her?
"John, you have to listen to me! The fire from that day... It did something." He voice is closer now.
"What? Are you okay?"
"I don't know what exactly. But I can see myself saying and doing things I don't want to. I'm not myself." She explains hurriedly.
"So, what Voltage said was right?" Something did happen that day, that's why she's not grieving normally.
"You have to stop me!" She yells, her voice seems slightly caught, indicating some sort of pain.
"How? Just tell me how, baby! I'll do anything to make you okay again!" I spin quickly on the spot, in a futile attempt to locate her. Where is she? Why is she hiding?
"I don't know!" She sobs.
"I won't let anyone hurt you, Evelyn. I promise. I'll keep you safe. You'll be okay." I feel my body begin to shake.
"No!" She yells so loudly that it edges on painful. "Help them! I'm going to hurt everyone. And soon!"
"No, you won't. You wouldn't!"
"It's not me! It's my mutation! The flames, the power... I can't- I can't control it!" Her voice has developed into a scream now. "It's taking control of me!"
"You're strong, baby. You can fight this!"
"I can't!" She sobs. "It's too much!"
"Evelyn, just tell me what I need to do!" I beg.
"You need Jean. You need to go to the X-Men, but you can't tell the others I’m alive." I can hear her take deep breathes to slow her emotion-induced pants. "Maybe she can figure something out to stop me."
"What if she can't?" I will my eyes to adjust to the lack of light, but nothing happens.
"Then you have to kill me, John." Her voice is weaker than ever.
"No! I will never do that!" I yell. She's insane to think I'd even consider that! "Never!"
"It might be the only way."
"I don't care. I can't do it! I could never even think-"
"John!" She cuts me off.  "This is just one thing I need you to do for me."
"No." Now I'm the one crying. "No!"
Suddenly, I feel a hand on my cheek, but still she remains hidden. And then, a gentle kiss. But something is different. There is an excessive heat her touch unlike ever before.
"Save me." She whispers, clicking her fingers and creating a small ball of flames between us, finally allowing me a glance at her face. But it is not what I expect and I can't help falling back from her in shock.
All of the skin around her left eye, from her hairline down to just below her cheek bone is burnt off. The eye itself is glassy and entirely white. Above her right eye is a large 'M' shaped burn. Her head is shaved and her cheeks, too hollow. I step back more, disgusted by the sight, and see that she is wearing nothing more than a few rags, her skin covered in lacerations, burns and strange, circular indentations. She is sprayed with dirt, which is practically ground into her skin, causing many of the wounds to appear seemingly infected. I catch a small glint of metal, and notice that she still wears the ring Scott bought her when they were together around one bony, raw finger.
"Don't let me become this." She barely had time to finish the sentence before her eyes turn a bright yellow and a far-from-innocent grin takes her lips. Instantaneously, I am encased in flame - flames that, for some reason, I can't control. I feel them burn and eat into my skin. I scream out, the pain too much.
"Evelyn! Please!" I beg. Nothing. The flames just seem to burn more. "Ardor!"

I wake with a start. I am sat bolt upright in the motel room bed, my body glistening with sweat. It's still dark out.
"Mmmmm." Evelyn moans. "You okay?"
"Just a bad dream." I lie. It was so much more than that.
"You want a cuddle?" She mutters mid-yawn, tracing my knuckles which are white from how tight I grip the sheets.
"Yeah. Yeah, that would be great." I say through my excessive panting.
"Come on, number one." She whispers, lazily holding up an arm. I shuffle beneath it. Ironically, I feel safe.
"Thanks." I kiss her neck lightly before snuggling into her shoulder.
"You gunna tell me about it?"
"Trust me," I whisper. "You don't want to know."


**Okay, so that is the chapter I’ve been meaning to upload for AGES. I’m sorry for lack of updates, I’ve just been focusing on my other X-Men fanfic right now (if you’re wondering where it is, it’s only on, as it ships two straight guys and I know a lot of people on here are sensitive about that stuff). But yeah, this is gunna be my focus again, I think. I hope I explained creepy, dream Evelyn well enough, cuz she was super freaky in my head! xD Keep commenting! Thanks. x**

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