The Boy With The Silver Lighter **ON HIATUS**

**Sequel to 'The Boy With The Red Sunglasses'.** It has been a week since the funeral of Evelyn James, a funeral that shouldn't have happened. Because Evelyn is not dead, although she might as well be. With the order to stay away from her friends, family and the boy she loves, Evelyn has no choice but to go back to the boy who caused her death - the boy with the silver lighter.


8. Businessman Allerdyce

**Okay, so this chapter sucks. There also a few subtle sexual innuendos in this, just a heads up. I promise it’ll get better soon. I have some plans.**


"Hey! Where are you going?" Evelyn speaks up as I shrug a relatively formal shirt onto my shoulders, before she digs her fork back into her pancakes. I can't believe I actually made someone breakfast in bed. I am so whipped, man.
"I have a job interview." I sit on the bed beside her, stealing the fork from her hands and taking some pancake for myself. I didn't get any breakfast! "Some of us have bills to pay."
"You're kidding me, right?" She snatches back the fork. "The world's favourite pyrokinetic mutant is trying to get some mundane day job?"
"I doubt I'm anyone's favourite pyrokinetic, Evelyn." I kiss her forehead. "I'm gunna be late."
"Wait!" She places the plate of half eaten pancakes on the nightstand, with unbelievable speed and turns back to me, taking hold of each side of my open shirt.
"What?" I risk a quick glance at the clock over her shoulder. I really should go.
"Why don't you skip this interview and stay home with me, Mr Allerdyce?" She whispers, her face just inches from mine.
"Because if I won't be able to afford food otherwise - which means no more breakfast in bed for you." I explain. I try to ignore how hot her previous words got me.
"We don't need to afford things, John." She clicks her fingers next to her face and the small ball of flames leaps out, before she quickly reigns it back in. "Plus, if you've suddenly gone off breaking the law, I still have the professor's money."
"But I need to get a job, Evelyn." I say forcefully, more as a way to get me to leave the room than anything else.
"No, you need to take this off." She pushes the shirt from my shoulders.
"Evelyn." I warn. If she keeps doing this stuff I'm never gunna get out the door!
"That's the point." She whispers, reading my thoughts and kissing me softly.
"You're so annoying." I moan.
"Come back to bed." She orders. I see a strange, fiery glint in her eye. She's been so different since the day she died. Sometimes you can see it, you can see she's acting in a way she never would have before. She's bad. It's like the fire got the best of her or something. But as much as that worries me, I can't help finding it extremely attractive. She's sexy when she's bad.
"I should really-"
"Kiss me." She cuts in, her voice low and seductive.
"Okay." I finally give in, kissing her passionately. Okay, so I'm not gunna get to that interview.
"Good." She pushes into my mind once again.
"Don't you want to finish your pancakes?" I tease, breaking the kiss.
"The sight of you topless is delicious enough, sweetcheeks!" She mocks my words from earlier.
"Fine, I'll have them!" I dive across the bed and take the plate from the nightstand.
"Hey!" She protests, giggling, as I lie awkwardly across her body. I smile to myself at her laughter. Back to normal, non-evil Evelyn. That's nice.
"These are good pancakes!" I turn back to face her. "Yet another thing I'm good at, of course."
"Don't flatter yourself." She smirks. "The pancakes are probably the biggest source of pleasure you’ve given me."
"Ouch!" I laugh, before quickly moving to lie beside her and digging my fingers into her waist, making her laughter increase. "Take that back!"
"N-never! Ahh!" She squeals as I tickle her more.
"Fine. I can keep this up all day!" She tries to push my hands away but fails miserably.
"Th-That makes a ch-change!" She makes another insulting innuendo.
"Oh! Low blow!" I jab my fingers deeper into her waist. "Surrender yet?"
"Ahh! Y-yes! Yes!" She squeals. "S-Stop!"
"Take it back!" I laugh.
"Okay, I'm s-sorry! I take it b-back!" I release her and kiss the tip her nose quickly.
"Good girl." I whisper. She punches me on the arm.
"You wish!" She breathes deeply, trying to regain her composure after my assault.
"Nah, being good is overrated."
"You're overrated!" She giggles.
"How does that even make sense?" I laugh. She shrugs. "You're crazy, you know that?"
"Hypocrite." She smiles. "What time's your interview?"
"Twelve, all the way across town." I reply mindlessly.
"What's the time now?" She giggles, obviously anticipating the answer. I cringe when I look at the clock.
"Ten past twelve." She bites her lip, attempting to suppress obvious laughter.
"I hate you sometimes, Miss James." I lie.
"No, you love me, Mr Allerdyce!" She replies like an immature school kid.
"True. And you're never gunna let me forget it, are you?" I smile and kiss her softly.
"Nope." She replies telepathically. "If I do, you'll stop making me pancakes."
"Speaking of pancakes..." I let the sly smile take hold of my lips. "Considering you made me miss my interview, the least you can do is make me breakfast."
"Go, wench!" I command in an over exaggerated low voice. "To the kitchen!"
"Call me wench again and I'll burn your face off." She warns jokingly.
"Make me breakfast and I won't have to!" I tease.
"Fine!" She releases an over exaggerated sigh and gets up from the bed. "What would sir like for breakfast?"
"Sir?" I raise my eyebrows at her wording. "And surprise me."
"Of course, sir." She does a small curtsy, making me laugh. I notice my smile reflected on her lips. Am I actually making her happy? I hope so.
She's so damn beautiful when she's happy.

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