The Boy With The Silver Lighter **ON HIATUS**

**Sequel to 'The Boy With The Red Sunglasses'.** It has been a week since the funeral of Evelyn James, a funeral that shouldn't have happened. Because Evelyn is not dead, although she might as well be. With the order to stay away from her friends, family and the boy she loves, Evelyn has no choice but to go back to the boy who caused her death - the boy with the silver lighter.


18. Burning Up

"Get off me!" I yell in a slightly drunken slur as the doorman throws me out of Club Omega for the third time tonight.
"You try gettin' in one more time and you're barred!" He warns me, before slamming the back door in my face. Ugh. Whatever. I can find somewhere else that wants me.
I take out my lighter and flick it casually. The sight of the tiny flame brings a small smile to my lips. I could so easily take such a little thing and set it to destroy this whole club. I have a habit of doing shit like that - taking something beautiful and making it into a weapon. I mean, look at Evelyn! She was innocent when we met, now I've changed her into something destructive and dangerous.
Oh well. What can you do, right? That's just who I am. Saint John Allerdyce: murderer of beauty and innocence!
I stumble across the small parking lot and fall against my bike. Man, I love this thing! But there's no way I'm gunna be driving her tonight. Can't risk damaging my baby! I slump down to the floor, with the complex metal motif of the engine pushing uncomfortably into my back.
"You know what? I give up!" I announce to no one. "I'm not wasting any more time trying to convince that stupid, crazy, sexy woman that she needs me! Damn, she's sexy."
I close my eyes, letting my head fall back against the bike, still flicking the lighter lazily through my fingers.
"I could be what she wants!" I yell, angrily. "I could be an X-Man, if she gave me a chance! I could do that 'good deed' stuff. I could wear disgustingly tight, yellow and blue spandex. I could do that!"
I feel the tears push at my eyes. Why am I crying? I don't cry. It must be the alcohol. Yeah, definitely that.
"Screw you, Evelyn James! I don't need you!" I raise my voice even more, now tossing a large ball of flames between my hands.
"Could've fooled me." A figure heads straight for me across the parking lot. "Look where you've got without me. You need this, John. You need us."
"I don't need anything from you!" I send the ball of flames in my hands tumbling towards her.
"John!" She yells, flicking the flames aside in an irritatingly casual manner. "Grow up and quit wallowing in self-pity!"
"You don't know me!" I stand shakily, using the bike to steady myself. "I'm just an object to you!"
"You're drunk." She states as she approaches me.
"And you're a bitchy, little mutant girl!" Yeah! Take that, sweetcheeks!
"Wow." She says sarcastically, rolling her eyes. "Great comeback."
"Why are you here?" She places her hand on my arm and I shrug it off.
"I know what I said about you being my consolation prize wasn't fair." I wince at the memory of the words. "And I know I lied to you in that conversation, because we are more than friends."
"Not anymore." I mumble. I don't want her. She just messes stuff up.
"I came to apologize. I'm sorry, I was just angry." She sighs, leaning against my bike. "I miss the X-Men, you know? They were a big part of my life. I thought I could handle it. I thought me and you could run off and start something together. But seeing Jean today just... It changed everything. I want Jean. And I want Scott. And Bobby. And even Warren. I want them back. I can't help that. It's just who I am. Once an X-Man, always an X-Man."
"Whatever. I'm going home."
"No, John!" She grabs my arm as I turn away. "I don't love you. But you were right when you said there was something between us. I want to kiss you, I want to sleep in your arms every night, I want to spend time in your head because it's nice there. Hell, I even want to get jealous when you chat up other girls."
"Ha! You admitted it!" I exclaim, pointing a slightly shaky finger at her. "I make you jealous!"
"Yes, John." She releases a small giggle, it's nice.
"Knew it!"
"My point is," She smiles up at me. "I want more than friends, more than we are now; I'm just not sure I'm ready yet."
"I l-love you." I rest my head on her shoulder, suddenly feeling drained and extremely tired.
"Come on, you silly drunk. Let’s go home." She places a soft kiss on my cheek.
"How did you find me?" I allow my eyes to slip shut.
"You weren't thinking very quietly, lighter boy." She giggles softly. "I got a cab here straight away. I couldn't allow you to be here without me, could I? You could meet someone else!"
"So jealous..." I murmur.
"Sure." She leans her head against mine. "I can see you're in no state to get us home. Want me to drive?"
"No!" My eyes snap open at her words. "No. I may not be perfectly clear right now, but there's no way I’d let you ride her."
"Her? Seriously?"
"She's my baby!" I look up to see Evelyn's smirking face.
"Come on!" She laughs. "I saw a motel about half a mile back. We'll crash there for the night. It's late and I can't be bothered with the two out cab ride home."
"Checking us into a cheap motel, Miss James?" I rub my eyes tiredly, attempting to stand up straight. "I thought you were classier than that."
"Move it, Allerdyce." She giggles, planting a gentle kiss on my lips.
"And this," She pulls my lighter from my fumbling fingers. "Is mine, until you sober up. I'm not trusting you with fire."
"Awh!" I moan loudly. "But I like it."
"I like you!" She ruffles my hair in a way that makes my brain go all fuzzy.
"I love you." I whisper, as she takes my arm and guides me from the parking lot.


**Okay, so this chapter sucks a little. I can’t write as a drunk person, especially a drunk guy. xD But yaa know. Keep commenting pleeeassse!**

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