The Boy With The Silver Lighter **ON HIATUS**

**Sequel to 'The Boy With The Red Sunglasses'.** It has been a week since the funeral of Evelyn James, a funeral that shouldn't have happened. Because Evelyn is not dead, although she might as well be. With the order to stay away from her friends, family and the boy she loves, Evelyn has no choice but to go back to the boy who caused her death - the boy with the silver lighter.


16. Back

"You- you-" The telepath stutters, walking backwards slowly. Jeez.
"Jean!" Evelyn's face breaks into a wide smile, as she runs towards get ex-teammate and embraces her.
"No!" Jean objects, pushing Evelyn's arms away.
"What?" Although her back is to me, I can see the pain and confusion in her body language.
"You- you did all of that for him?!" Jean throws her hand out in my direction.
"What?" Evelyn glances back at me and I can do nothing more than shrug in reply. "Jean, I don't know what you're-"
"You saw that Scott would never take you back, so you faked your own death to run off with lighter boy!"
"No! No, it's not like that! I love Scott-"
"Oh, you do?" Jean cuts in sarcastically. "That makes total sense considering you were just making out the guy you cheated on him with, whilst he is stuck in a pit of depression over your 'death'."
"No, Jean!" Evelyn begs. "I didn't know I would survive."
"But when you did you went straight to him!" She points at me again, as if I'm just an object. "Do you have any idea what Scott's been through since that day? What we've all been through? Bobby didn't eat for six days. Six days! And today is the first day Warren and I have actually managed to get Scott out of the house!"
"I wanted to come home. I wanted nothing more!" Evelyn is crying now. I resist the urge to go and comfort her, knowing this would worsen the situation.
"Then why didn't you? You wanted to play happy families, pyrokinetic style?" Through our connection, I can feel how much Jean's words sting Evelyn.
"No." Evelyn's voice is quiet and weak. "The professor won't let me home."
"There's no way that's true. He would never-"
"He said that he's been in Scott's mind and it won't take too much more to totally break him. He said me coming back could be the thing that pushes him over the edge." I give up my restraint, quickly approaching her and wrapping my arms around her shoulders, squeezing her softly as she sobs into my chest.
"I don't believe you." Jean tries to hide it, but I can hear in her voice that her words are partly a lie.
"I swear." Evelyn whispers, looking up from my body. "John has been the only thing good left in my life."
"But the professor would never do that..."
"Read my memories." Evelyn reluctantly pulls away from me. "It's all there."
Jean steps forward and places her hands either side of Evelyn's tear streaked face. I can't help taking a step closer to them. I don't care if she's Evelyn's friend. I'll never trust an X-Man.
Looking at the pair together is like seeing twins, but of course, Evelyn is the evil one. Her eyes are sharper than Jean's, her skin colour not as warm. The black underlayer in her hair seems to emphasize this. They're both beautiful, redheaded mutants, but there is darkness in Evelyn that seems to be highlighted when Jean's around.
"No." Jean gasps pulling away. "He actually did that- Oh, Evi!"
The pair hug strongly, forcing me to take a step back. Evi? People call her that?
"I'm so sorry!" I hear Evelyn muffled voice sigh against Jean's shoulder.
"No. This is not your fault!" Jean holds Evelyn away from her slightly, looking into her eyes. "Although, running off with him probably wasn't the best idea."
"It's okay. John's a sweet guy." I smile at her words. "He was there for me when I needed him."
"Yeah, but when we find a way to get you home, Scott's not going to be too happy when he discovers your choice of company."
"You're gunna find a way to get me back?" Evelyn squeals happily. I can't hide the fact that it hurts. I've been here for her, I've cared for her, and still she'd rather be with them.
"Of course." The pair embrace again. "It's not right without you!"
"I love you, Jean!" Evelyn's smile is larger than ever.
"I love you too. But I need to go. They'll start to wonder where I am."
"Why are you out here?" I question, genuinely curious.
"I came to apologize to you." Jean looks up at me sweetly. Wow, she really is gorgeous.
"Me?" I can't hide the surprise in my voice.
"Yeah. I felt your emotions at the funeral. I know how much you were hurting. Scott doesn't see that, so he can be a bit of a jerk. I wanted to say sorry about that." She explains.
"Oh. Thanks. I guess." I feel myself blush slightly. She felt it? Damn telepaths. I hate people knowing my emotions.
"Anyway, bye, Evi." She turns away. "I promise I'll get you home."

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