Mute (1D FanFic)

Hello My name is Danielle I'm 17 ...... I don't talk ....Why? Because I am sick and tired of getting bullied by this girl called Amber I hate he she likes Harry Styles and Yes I am his sister ~Read out to what happen's~



~~Danielle's POV~~


I sang in front of everyone ... I saw that Amber came up and said "You got a horrible voice Dan". She always insults me for fucking no reason at least I don't have a slut repretutetion like her and her two best friends .... they are not even her best friends they just stay with her to be popular ..she went and started flirting with Harry but Harry was not interetesed to Zayn kept staring at me becuase I saw the corner of my eye ....Today I probably going to meeting Lola's friends soon ....I really want a boyfriend but I like Louis and Zayn I don't know what to do I am so confused.


Fnally the bell for lunch came but M's told me that I could stay behind and eat my lunch and sing and do what ever I wanted I finished eating my sandwich and put the rubbish in the bin and I went behind M's desk and took sips of some monster energy drink and I went over to the recording studio becuase I got some DJ skills ..... I recored me singing and then I heard the door open but I ignored it because the bell for lunch hasen't gone and after lunch we got no lessons so we could go home but I decided to stay and then a remix of me singing. 


I done a CD and I turned around and saw the boy's were gob smacked becuase I made a CD remix of me singing different songs and I smirked got my bag and went past them I know Louis and Zayn were staring but I could hear Harry growling and said "Stay away from her ,,, Zayn you too Louis". I sighed and went into my car and started driving home.


~Skip Car Ride~


I have arrived home I took of my shoes...ran straight upstairs and changed into my pyjamas : 

I came downstairs and saw the boy's in the garden making a bonfire .....I got out what they need ....I went to the livng room turned on the TV ...I started getting sleepy and fell asleep on the couch ...I heard the boy's coming in but someone picked me up and wrapped in a blanket and I felt a cold wind.


~~Zayn's POV~~


I came in to get the stuff before I could get them ....they where already on the table I think Danielle took them out ... so I called for Louis and he said "Wat's up mate". "Could you take this out for me ...just need the bathroom". I said and he nodded.  I went to the toliet and did my business ,, When I came back and looked into the garden everything was set ....So I went to get Danielle that was in the living room ,,,,I saw the TV on but a sleeping beautiful Danielle so I turned of the TV and got a big  blanket wrapped it around her and carried her to the garden and all the boy's smiled but Harry gave me a death glare and I gave one back .... I sent her down between my legs so she was leaning on to my chest ... she started saying something in her dream "PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE" , "GO AWAY PLEASE DON'T HURT ME". She kept stirring in her sleep so I sang quietly you and I in her ear and she smiled and stopped stirring.


~~3 Hour's later~~


Danielle started to wake up and I said "Afternoon beautiul". She opened her eyes and said "What happened and why i'm I in a blanket". "I wrapped you in a blanket and we were having a bonfire and I did't want leave you there becuase I would get worried anyone could kidnap you". I said and nodded she gave me a kiss on the lips and I kissed back .... we were having a 5 min make-out session until we heard the boy's say "EWWWWW". Me and Danielle just started laughing.


Sorry it is a short chapter ....Next one will be longer 


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