Mute (1D FanFic)

Hello My name is Danielle I'm 17 ...... I don't talk ....Why? Because I am sick and tired of getting bullied by this girl called Amber I hate he she likes Harry Styles and Yes I am his sister ~Read out to what happen's~


6. Turning Bad! Don't care

~~Danielle's POV~~


I woke up and I had a dream that I was truning into a bad girl .... I thought about it for a min  and I thought it is a good idea because I am not having Harry treating like a baby I am 18 now becuase my birtday already been and we celebrated it ..... I got up and went to have a shower did my business .... I went through my closet and I didn't know what to wear so I called my best friend Perrie and all the little mix are my best friends .. Ring....Ring...Ring.... she finally picked up on the thrid ring this is the conversation with her : 


P  : Hey Dani what's up?


D :  Nothing just stuck what to wear could you come over and I will explain everything also you can bring all the little mix if they want to as well.


P : Sure and Oh I have that problem all the time but I just get Jade to help me. Will be in 2 mins were round the corner k bye bestie.


D : Laugh at loud .... ok see yea and the front door is open bye love you 


P : Love you too hun (End of phone conversation)



I waited for the rest of little mix an perrie to come nd help me pick my outfit because I am still in high school really but it is a music school .... I don't like sharing my voice but I had to speak because the doctor said if I didn't talked in 1 hour I would of becomed no voice .... Anyway I heard the girls coming upstairs and they came in so I said " Thanx for coming .... I want to wear something bad girlish but still tom boyish as well and could you come with me to get a tattoo on my leg and arm please without Harry knowing becuase he would go mad and I am 18 and still Harry hasn't bought me a proper car". They nodded  " Well....I am dating Harry .... All girls know and....Don't worry I buy you a girl love.... going to be your sister becuase getting married to your brother someday". Jade said giggling at the last part and everyone giggled as well .... They picked this outfit for me : 

I loved my outfit but something was missing .....Oh yea need a tattoo and also getting my hair dyed into black because it is time for a change Jesy did my hair and make-up she did my make-up really black and I thanked her for that ... we went downstairs an I saw Harry got anger in his eyes I think Perrie likes Zayn and Louis found a girl called Eleanor .... I don't mind because I have this crush on a guy called Josh so it's all coooool .. we got into Perrie's car because mine is a piece of shit that always won't turn on.


~~Skip Car Ride~~


We arrived at the mall ... first perrie took me dress shopping and she knew my style now it is all punk and my make-up is all black as well .... we went first to do my nails .... then we went to have my tattoo's done then dyed my hair .... Harry won't be pleased and Jade is going to buy me a car.


Nails : 

Tattoo 1 is down my arm : 

Tattoo 2 is on my wrist : 

Final Tattoo are black angel wings on my back : 

Black Hair : 

Lip Ring : 




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kik name : ErikaBiersack15

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