Mute (1D FanFic)

Hello My name is Danielle I'm 17 ...... I don't talk ....Why? Because I am sick and tired of getting bullied by this girl called Amber I hate he she likes Harry Styles and Yes I am his sister ~Read out to what happen's~


10. Taking Lola and Luke to Nursery then Party!

-Danielle's POV-


I woke up and I saw that Harry was already dressed so I went to have a shower got dressed into some blue jeans and a tank top I put my hair into a ponytail... I got Lola and Luke ready for nursery because they don't want to go to primary school yet they are too young. They looked so smart I am very pleased for them.I got hold of Luke and Harry got Lola we carried them downstairs and Louis had a girlfriend and so did Zayn but he calls her fiance because Zayn purposed to Perrie can't wait for the wedding. I get to be the best woman. 


I got outside and took my car out of the garage ... Then I opened the boot to take the baby sits out and put them at the back locked them in place we placed them and put seat belts onto them and we were off.


-Skip Car Ride-


We have arrived at the nursery and Harry went and dropped them in he house... he was smiling widely I was very confused. He sat down and said "Lola and Luke won a price so they going on a Nursery trip too the Zoo we going to have to pick them up at 6:00 pm". "Ok but if I fell asleep the keys will be on the kitchen table". He nodded I said that all.


We started driving home I was so tired I couldn't keep awake but thank god we have arrived at the house... I saw Louis standing there and he said " Danielle someone is in the living room waiting for you in there... because you got a step-dad because your mum divorced your other dad". I nodded my head because it was true. So I walked into the living room I couldn't believe my eyes it was my dad when mum divorced him. He got up and separated his arms meaning he gets a hug I ran and hugged him. he whispered "I know everything that happened to you I was watching over you the whole time". I looked up with teary eyes.


We talked for ages but Harry didn't even talk to dad I don't know why,I got up and saw Harry in the kitchen with his head inside his hands I touch his shoulder and he tense up I said "Harry its only me... what's wrong?". "Your not my sister ... My mum rang up and she said that someone put you in a basket and my mum found you on the door step". He said .... I started crying and I said to Louis "Get my dad out of this house he gave me away and I'm not Harry's sister". I ran upstairs and slammed the door I can't believe that my own dad would do that to me... I'm going to miss my tattoos and Anne Styles and Gemma Styles and now my name is Danielle Matthews now. 


-Harry's POV-


I was so dispointed in myself I can't believe my mum told me now and not at the start... I saw her dad that gave her to us I had my hand in a fist but Zayn stopped me ... Louis pushed him out and Liam went to check up on Danielle. 


I got up and rushed upstairs I knocked on the door but not answer ... I wounder were is Liam and I opened the door she was led on liams lap crying... Liam mouthed "she is in a really bad state". I nodded she saw me standing there and came running to me. I said "If you can't be my sister will you do the honer to be my girlfriend then?". "Yes of course".she said I was so happy because now I can look after her. 


Hope you liked this chapter 



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