Mute (1D FanFic)

Hello My name is Danielle I'm 17 ...... I don't talk ....Why? Because I am sick and tired of getting bullied by this girl called Amber I hate he she likes Harry Styles and Yes I am his sister ~Read out to what happen's~


2. School???? Dun Dun Dunnnnn

~Danielle's POV~


I heard banging downstairs ... It would probably be the boy's who always try getting me early to school but I am mute and I'm Harry's little sister but I don't talk to anyone in school not even my best friend and I told her everything why I am not talking and she understood and stood by my sided always I got up and stretched myself ... when inside the bathroom that was big and I showered ... when I finished I wore this today : 


I put my hair into a bun and I applied some make-up not to much because I don't want to look like a slut like Amber and her other bullies they bully me ....They bully  me for no reason and I am on the cheerleading team because my best friend Lola... I went downstairs and I only had my head down because I didn't want to talk after me and Harry's parents died in a car crash .... Sorry I will introduce myself  



Name  : Danielle Styles (Nickname : Dani)


Age : 17


Personality : Out-going , funny (Phone conversation to comunicate) , Party animal. Bad A$$


Hobbies : Cheerleading , Football , Basketball , Skateboarding also Spray painting.


Hair Colour : Blonde 


Eye Colour : Blue


Favourite Boy-band/Singer : Demi Lovato , One Direction of course , Black Veil Brides and The killers , Mcfly and lot's more.


I have finished my breakfast then Harry spoke up and said " Dani after school would you like to go to the beach". I turned around and texted on my phone a yes and he nodded so I got my school bag and I got into my car : 

I started driving to my school and everyone was laughing and pointing at me ... don't really care this is my last year they don't know I am a model they don't know anything ...they always judge people by there cover without knowing. I put the roof up and locked the car ....I walked into my first class whitch was Music but the teacher knows I don't talk but she try's to make me talk .... maybe it is time to talk I am not sure maybe I will wait a week or a month but this is my last year because I am in year 11...


The teacher said to all the class " Hello and welcome I know we are our last year but we having a contest for the singing boy-band or group or even solo so for your homework I want you to learn a song ....Danielle you as well please try". Everyone gasp and turned to me and I rolled my eyes ... I started to think for songs I could sing looked from my songs on my phone and I worte lot of song's but hard to choose .... I notice Harry , Niall , Liam , Zayn and Louis are here but didn't reconise them.


I stoof up and started get my guitar and started playing it and everyone turned around and looked at me and smiled and I had courage to sing but didn't I think I need to go to the doctors to check on my vocals .... I texted ms what I am doing she looked at me and nodded got my bag and carried my guita around and started going to my car and unlocked it .... but the roof down and I stepped on the gas and it swirled and speed off to the doctors and the boy's where hot on my tail and I pressed on the gas more faster since I lost them ...Fianally I arrived at the hospital because that's where I got my appoiment went in and the lady saw who it is and showed me the room I will be.


I mouthed a thank you and I went into the room and saw the doctor already there and there was some needles ready for my throat also I hope I will be able to talk again I hope and the doctor said " Hello Dani ....please open your throat .....ok everything looks healed so I am going to give the needle in you throat and in 1 hour try say hello ok".  I closed my eyes and he gave me the needle.


~1  Hour later~


I tried speaking I finally spoke and said " Hello my name is Danielle ....OMG I CAN SPEAK". I hugged the doctor and I thank him and I started sining again oh how I missed my voice ... I went inside my car and drove home ... I opened the door and I pretend its gone wrong and I would never speak again ... I got into the house and I shook my head and everyone came and hugged me and I laughed and I said " You just been pranked".Everyone let go of hugging me and Zayn spoke up and said " WOW She got a sexy voice". I looked at him so did everyone else and I laughed and went upstairs to my bedroom and got into my pyjamas then went back downstairs and they were staring but minly Zayn was drooling and I giggle and said " Take a picture Zayn it will last longer". I went and sat next to him and I kissed his cheek and took a photo and we just did random funny faces and he put the pic of my kissing his cheek as a home screen and the funny faces was his lock screen.


I yawned and cuddled up to Zayn and he put his arm around me and I fell asleep ...finally tomorrow is Saturday. Someone picked me up and set me onto the bed and kissed my forehead and they got in with me awe I think it is Zayn becuase I did fall asleep on him.



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