Mute (1D FanFic)

Hello My name is Danielle I'm 17 ...... I don't talk ....Why? Because I am sick and tired of getting bullied by this girl called Amber I hate he she likes Harry Styles and Yes I am his sister ~Read out to what happen's~


7. Meeting Niall's little sister!

5 Months later




Hello there .... I am Elle Horan and Ithats me in the picture I took it because I was at my grandmas house because parents went to go on a date .... At least I had internet so I will introduce myself and BTW I am Niall's little sister.


Name : Elle Horan 


Age : 14


Personality : Misbehaved , cheeky


Hobbies: Gymnastics and Dance


Hair Colour : Blonde


Eye Colour : Blue 


Favourite Boy-band/singer : McFly and One Direction 


Favourite Colour : Sky Blue 


I went into the shower and did my business becuase today my parents are making me stay with my brother and the rest of the boys for the summer ...thank god it is not forever ... see me and my brother fight alot and I do become misbehaved sometime so yea they boy's and my brother so I wore this : 

I love superman ... I think Louis does and I love Carrots and mummy told me that when you eat carrots you can see in dark....NOT TRUE I have to go to a normal school and I am mute in school and I think I will like Harry's sister.


~~Danielle's POV~~


I can't believe it Niall's sister is coming and she better watch her back becuase today I am not in the mood .... I looked at my tattoos and they are ready to take the wrap off and I went to have a shower and I got dressed into this : 

And under the red jacket I got a crop top that says "Love is never the answer". but I didn't wear the jacket and I went downstairs and I saw Little Mix here and I sat down on the love seat everyone calls it and I had Josh's number and me and him were talking all night ... I giggled and smiled and I went on twitter and I got bunch of shit I don't care ... I stood up and Harry said " Wait there missy what is on your arms?". "Tattoos ever seen one and I got more then that I got Black Angel wings on my back". I said  ... I lifted a bit of my top and the showed him my arm and wrist but he didn't say anything weird ... I think perrie told him off good for her..... I saw Perrie and Zayn holding hands and saw Louis with Eleanor ....erhhh I don't like her ....Right time to fight with some gangs I am going to collage first then ditch last lesson.


I got up and I said to Niall "Say to your sister to watch her back". He looked scared and Harry stood up with anger in his face funny "Your not going do anything to her". "OH Harry over protective ..... OH YEAH SHE IS YOUNGER SO YOU CAN'T DATE HER". I said and he sat down and the last word I said "You won't seem me again ,.....Thanx's harry for never been over protective over me why don't you go and date that slut of a sister of Niall's". I tear rolled down and slapped my door and I went the ally way and I saw some boy's I am not in the mood he got me and grabbed .ripped my clothes of and started rapping me..


It didn't bother me but I started crying and he covered my mouth and he kept rapping and I am probably definality going to be pregnant ... he got himself dressed and I saw a guy punching me and I weakly put my clothes on and I saw it was Josh and he said " Dani stay with me please ... I take you to the hospital". That's all I heard and saw and everything went black.


~Harry's POV~


I got up and said to Perrie "Could you go and find her please I am worried about her". she nodded and went with rest of the little mix and they will ring me and us boy's going to find her but Niall stayed because his sister is going to arrive soon .... we started driving and we saw Little Mix in the Alley way and Perrie was crying to Jade my girlfriend and I saw her phone and her jacket ripped oh no she got raped we drove to the hospital and saw a boy there I think he was Josh ... I saw the doctor .... he said " Well she is fine but she is pregnant and she is 4 weeks in because the baby is growing quiet fast ... it normal doesn't so she has to sty in hospital for months till the baby is born". 


Perrie went in and I just sat outside.


~Danielle's POV~


All I felt was a hand holding mine and it was a female .... I think it ws perrie and she said with a sad voice " Well your pregnant 4 weeks .... Can't wait to be an auntie ... you can live with me and Zayn and Zayn purpose to me and we got are own flat your misisng on everything and Niall's sister arrived she is outside please wake up Danielle". I squeezed her hand and fluttered slowly my eyes and turned my head and I hugged perrie but couldn't but she hugged me and I said weakly " Thank you and you sure it not a problem that I live with you ....I'm not ready to be a mother and could you bring Josh in please". she nodded and kissed my forehead.


I waited and saw Josh and he looked like he was crying ...OMG he was and I hugged him and whispered in his ear "I will be your girlfriend ...and I am fine don't worry finally thank you for saving me and I am 20 weeks pregnant". He looked up and smiled at me and kissed my lips and Niall and his sister came in and I gave her the death glare and she stepped back and Niall banged his forehead because he hasn't forgotten that his sister was a bully to me when I was little. he kissed my forehead and eveyone came in and I saw Harry ... I tried getting up but a sharp pain through my stomach and hold it and Perrie came and helped in the wheelchair and took me outside for a bit and I rubbed my stomach and I saw my ex best friends and they laughed and I shouted " I GOT RAPPED ...OK YOUR BITCHES I HOPE YOU DIE". They didn't laugh after that and started crying. Perrie hugged me.


I fell asleep and a month has passed by.


~3 years later~


I was 9 months pregnant and I woke up and my bed was wet oh no Perrie stayed with me and so did all Little mix and saw Josh ... I screamed and nurse's and doctors came and they took me to the birth room and I started pushing and He said "You got twins weird come one more push you got your first on". I pusshed and I heard the baby cry it was a boy ..going to call him Luke william  and I pushed and pushed until I heard the other baby's cry it was a girl going to call her Lola Louise ... I got hold of them and they cleaned me up and put me in my pyjamas and a kind nurse washed my hair and put it into  pony tail. I sat up straight and had Luke and Lola in my arms I can't believe it I am a mum. 


Luke William : 


Lola Louise : 

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