Mute (1D FanFic)

Hello My name is Danielle I'm 17 ...... I don't talk ....Why? Because I am sick and tired of getting bullied by this girl called Amber I hate he she likes Harry Styles and Yes I am his sister ~Read out to what happen's~


8. Hanging out we the boys!

Danielles pov


I woke up today and thought i wouldlike to hang out with the boys because after i gave birth to Luke and Lola i really didnt have time to hang out with the boys ....soon they will be goingon tour im going to miss Harry because Josh was month ago because he cheated on me with my bully amber I really hate her but whenneveryone foumd out that i gave birth an i was a model coming to high school they was very shocked and everyone said ythere sorrys to even ambver but I didn't believe her.


I got dressed into my batman top and black skinny jeans and my black converse I put my hair in a pony tail and I went downstairs and Luke and Lola are now 4 years old growing up so fast as rent they , I saw Harry and went to hug him and I said "hey haz and boys what you want to do before you go on tour?". They were thinking for a bit then Liam saidnat the same time as my brother "Truth or dare, then pranks". I laughed and nodded my big brother made me somentoast with jam so I could eat it so I did and drank my orange juice .... I opened there door and I saw josh and amber and I whistled for the boys to come. They came as fast as they could , saw who it was and liam andnzayn had to hold harry back and I said "What you doing here? What do you want?". They looked at each other and said "Where here to take lola she is going with us!"."she is not going anywhere with you she is my daughter.


Hiya cupcakes I'm bk I'm in year 11 now tell me how far my story is going!



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