Movie Quotes!

Some funny, inspiring, romantic (etc.) awesome movie quotes to pass the time :) *RANGE OF GENRES*


2. Science Fiction


From Super 8, 2011:


"She used to look at me... this way, like really look... and I just knew I was there... that I existed."


 "I can't believe we're breaking into the school. Who does that? Nobody does that. Idiots do that!"


"I know bad things happen. Bad things happen. But you can still live. You can still live."


Cary: Excuse me, can I have another order of fries? Because my friend here is fat.

Charles: Funny, Chompers! At least I don't need a booster seat.


"You listen to me. I've got 12,000 people in this town who are scared out of their mind. They've got one person to rely on. It used to be someone else, but now it's just me."



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